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February 22, 2010



Lovely photographs, dear Tracy--AND another fabulous cake recipe. Will try it next weekend and let you know how I got on!

Julie Smith

Beautiful photos from a beautiful weekend. Lovely (and yummy)!


All the pics look beautiful.Crafting,Baking and of course Charlie-it looks very cosy in there.


Tracy your snowy weekend looked very cozy and romantic! I liked your photo mosaic very much as each square was a sweet part of YOU!
{{ Hugs }} Pat


you have just perfectly illustrated a warm cozy winter's weekend....just the kind I love. I especially love the snow on the windowpanes...it gives me a cozy feeling of being warm on the other side of the window:)


you had a wonderful weekend!


Why do I feel so serene after looking at your photos?


Dearest Tracy, looks like a wonderful cozy weekend! I adore all your lovely photos! Thanks so much for sharing your warm with us. Keep warm out there! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


It looks like the perfect weekend, Tracy! I actually love those snowbound times because it gives us an excuse to slow down and be homebodies. Your pizza and coffee cake look positively heavenly. And, of course, Charlie looks like one very happy kitty! As I type this, Dill is curled up beside me, very happily asleep!

Hope you are well, my friend.

xoxo Gigi


It sounds like a lovely weekend. We had a surprising snow flurry today but it didn't settle. I think Spring is definately slow this year. Good weather to sit in and craft. :-)


this is so beautiful, my friend.


I'm glad you're staying warm and cozy.

I am just back to work this week. It had been so long since I felt like visiting anyone, and I really missed everyone very much.

Lisa Q

I love all these shots...they speak of comfort and home and security and warmth. Contentment. it's all good stuff. keep enjoying!


Love your Winter Weekend Mosaic. Charlie looks so sweet in his special basket!


I love your mosaic. Especially those fabric flowers.


You are totally bad for my diet! The coffee cake and pizza look fabulous! Being snowed in can be fun occasionally. lol


*Sigh* Gorgeous photo montage.


how beautiful. i want to crawl into this day, you have placed here.

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