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February 22, 2010



Hello Tracy!
We had a relatively cold but not snowy weather in London. I just cannot live without my thermals though LOL!!
Love the photos (especially Charlie of course).
How lovely that you did lots of cooking and baking. The food looks very yummy.
Off to Savour!


What a beautiful vignette of a lovely peacable weekend! I love everything about this post. LOOOOOK at the snow on that window!!! I am picturing how very cosy you and TJ and Charlie were all snuggled up in your little home. How sweet. I love you dear friend, always! xxoo

Anne Donald

Hi Tracy - that all sounds wonderful - and Charlie looks the picture of contentment in his basket! We have had a very light dusting of snow overnight - it looks as if the garden has been decorated with icing sugar! Have a good week, love, Anne x


We really should trade places one day. I was in town taking photos of the lion dances outside the sun, I was practically melting. Some of the photographers sat on the floor trying to get a nice picture, I tried that..it lasted not more than 30 seconds. The floor was so hot, it practically burned my butt :( Once I got the shots I wanted, I scooted into the aircond mall...for now, at this weather, I really dont mind the cold :)


Sounds like a very relaxing weekend, dear Tracy.
Love the picture of handsome Charlie in his basket. :)
Happy Monday!
Lots of love and hugs,

Bumpkin Bears

Charlie looks so cute with the sun on him. Now that looks like the place to be on a snowy day! I have been wanting to make a home made pizza so can't wait to see your recipe :) xx

sheila jones

Just beautiful Tracy! I especially love those new felted brooches too. Hope you continue to keep cosy this week.
love Sheila


I'm imagining your home all warm and calm with good cooking smells while the blizzards rage outside. Lovely atmospheric photos, especially the snowy window and of course Charlie.


looks like a fine,cosy weekend to me.
both the cake and the pizza look delicious!
beautiful mosaic.


Your window looks so wonderfully wintery. Makes me want to snuggle inside -- just like Charlie. What a comfortable life he leads.


I love this mosaic! Happy week to you, too!

Becky K.

It is warming up here....but I still love a snowy weekend when everyone is safely at home.

Your pizza looks amazing!



Seemed like you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and safe and have a lovely week ahead too.


I hate that it has been cold and snowy there. It actually warmed up to a nice sunny 67 degees yesterday. We lived it up to. Your pizza and coffee cake look so good. I can't wait for that recipe to be posted on your Savour site. Geoff doesn't like stuff like that, but once he leaves I get to fix whatever I want. keep warm


I am so hungry looking at that pizza. it's only 9 am or so over here.

glad you survived the wintery weekend. do stay warm and cozy.

one love.

ellen b

Love your frosty window! That food looks scrumptious! Have a good week...

S. Etole

there is so much warmth here ... even amidst the winter cold


Just looking at your photographs is making me feel cozy and comfortable. And that pizza?!? I can't wait for the recipe..is that artichokes I see on there?!?! mmmm


Looks like you had a lovely weekend. That pizza looks sooooo good!


Oooh, that pizza is calling my name! I think you ought to start a line of cat toys with your creative knitting and felting... What a handsome model you already have!


Oh Tracy, snow days sound so fun (and tasty) at your place! I'm getting restless and tired of winter... I think it'd help if I had a cute little snuggly cat to cuddle with :)!


this is a happy mosaic filled with love of family .art and food! your pins are really so artistic and unique Tracy...there is just nothing you cannot do..thank you for sharing each part of sweet YOU!!


Oh, that sounds like a lovely weekend! We're having a very sunny and kind of warm weather snap right now. It's very odd, but we're taking advantage of the rare winter sunshine. It's making everyone happy and wanting to be outside. I love that.

I can't wait to see your pizza recipe. I am itching to make some homemade pizza, so this might provide me the inspiration I need! I hope you have a great week!


Looks like you've had a deliciously snug and cosy weekend. Yummy! That pizza looks scrumtious and Charlie Cat is just Enjoy the week. Ros


Tracy your home life is like a dream. So peaceful and full of coziness. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead too!

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