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March 01, 2010



right now, i'm dreaming of being in held close in his arms :)

Anne Donald

Hi Tracy - that's a wonderful list! I too am dreaming of spring and summer .... I am working on a little wallhanging with appliqued tulips - it will be on the blog on a few weeks time. Have a good week, love Anne x


We all have dreams Tracy, and sometimes our dreams are the only things that keep us putting one foot in front of the other. I love your dreams. We know that Spring will be here soon, and then dear friend, your lovely dreams will be a beautiful reality!! Love you loads sweet friend. xxoo


I love your dream list Tracy! It's the first day of autumn here today so it's funny to think of it getting chilly here as things warm up for you over there. I'm dreaming of a not too cold winter. I'm quite sure my dream will come true as it's Australia & winter here really isn't THAT cold :) Oh & I'm moving house later in the month so I'm also dreaming about a stress-free move. I'm less confident about that dream coming true. But I'm remaining optimistic! Have a great week my friend!


Hi dear Tracy!
LOVE the picture of the tulips! SO pretty!
And I could make your list mine. I am so longing for spring and summer that is hard to describe.
Hope you have a wonderful week!
Lots of love and hugs,


Just perfect, what a lovely lovely list.
I can't believe it is March now already, so excited for Spring to arrive finally.


What a lovely way to start a Monday. I'm dreaming of peaceful time to spend with my family - it's been far too hectic here recently and we all need to slow down.

annies abode

..........and picnics on the beach,tall glasses of pimms, having the windows open at night allowing a cool breeze, only a light sheet on the bed, pub lunches in the gardens, sitting in the garden sewing - oh i cannot wait.


What a lovely list, my dream is to sit by the lake and listen to the waves. The tulips are lovely, they bring spring into the house.


Hi Tracy!
Happy March :D
Yep, I am dreaming of a nice choc chip cookie... (that reminds me to browse your excellent recipe for cookies).
I think this week is really lovely in London. We had an awful one last week (strong wind and I was blown away when I jogged).
Hope you have a lovely week ahead!
Off to your Savour :D


I was about to say that I had banished Winter with the new quilt I'd made when it started hailing. Just what is happening with the weather?


Good morning Tracy! Your list has given me such a hopeful start to my day and week! Could it be that all those beautiful things are just around the corner? I can almost feel it. I hope you have a lovely day!

Becky K.

I am dreaming of green, green grass and the sounds of Spring! Tulips and hyacinth too!

Becky K.


Oh, Tracy, your dream list is wonderful! I'm dreaming of spring, too. Unfortunately we're supposed to get more snow on Wednesday. :(

Elizabeth Wix

We share the same dreams!
just want to be able to pop outside with the dog without a coat+hat+scarf+ gloves and so on
short sleeves
no socks

what fun it will be
happy week

ps should we do the spring haiku festival again? It was fun


That's a great list you have there....I just want to be able to open the windows and let the breezes blow through my house. It feels like we've been shut-up forever.

tea time and roses

Hello Dear Tracy!

Such a lovely post my friend. I am dreaming of a blanket of flowers that only Spring can bring.:o) Our winters here at home are not nearly as cold and snowy as yours, but yet I am longing for springtime and can hardly wait for its arrival.:o)

Enjoy a most lovely week my friend, soon we will be gathering spring bouquets.




Your dream list sounds just right to me! Have a great week Tracy! And we made it through another February! ; )

S. Etole

such delicate and welcome beauty ...


What a photo, Tracy! Just beautiful. Hope your winter ends quickly. You're ready for the change.


Great list Tracy! I love the sound of all those things too. Today it was warm and sunny and quite unlike any weather we have had lately. A good day for the first day of Spring.
I think I am dreaming of flowers appearing on the daffodils, buds on the trees, picnics in the park and days out at the beach. Long, long evenings! Oh it will happen! x


was there chocolate on that list . wink! you have a poetic and free spirited dream list going...


You don't have long to wait now, my friend. It's just around the corner :)

I'm dreaming of less stress with work!


I need to have more fresh flowers in the house. Those tulips are exquisite! Lovely photo as usual!


Spring and summer... so close and yet they seem so far! Can't help but already think spring is here lookin' at this lovely photo though :). Hope your days have been sunny and warm, Tracy, if not with sunshine then with love and joy :)!

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