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June 28, 2010



Mmm, I can smell it over here Tracy :) Glad your dad is back home sweet home. (Hugs) Enjoy the day!

Anne Donald

mmmmm - these look delicious!!


I can almost taste these. I know my breakfast won't be quite so delish.


Oh, dear Tracy, that looks absolutely yummy!!
I am avoiding baking for the time being. First, I really need to give my body a rest, lol, and second it is so hot here lately that puts me off baking.
Lots of love and hugs,


Well, how did you know that I have been craving cinnamon rolls!
These look fabulous. When it cools down a bit here, I am baking!

Becky K.

Oh they do look so good!
Now I am off to the Cafe...


They look delicious!
I'm about to make elderflower cordial after a walk by the canal.


ok, I'm no where near an oven. Or a bakery. This is not fair. lol.


P E R F E C T title to this one ..I can imagine the melt in your mouth treat!! well done!!


Hi Tracy! Those cinnamon rolls look divine. I wish I had one right now!

See you at the Blog Cafe!


Yummy!...Unfortunately I just weighted myself this morning and I'm still in shock...will be going for a walk rather than baking:)


Oh yum!

ellen b

My mouth is watering while I'm sitting here sipping my morning cup of coffee thinking one of those curves would be perfect to go with it!!
Have a good week Tracy!


This defines dangerous!! They really do look delicious and very tasty!!! yummy :O)

Hope you've had a great day in the sun :O)

klemmer fra Yvonne

Ps. I got an A on my final exam ;O)

Bumpkin Bears



Oh my! These cinnamon rolls look dangerously good! I am on a strict diet so although I'd love to make them I'm afraid i will have to wait awhile.
I enjoy visiting the Blog Cafes each week. Hope you are enjoying your summer and that your dad is doing well!

♥ Pat


Mmmm! This reminds me that I have a cinnamon roll recipe for my bread machine (where you make the dough in the machine) that we love! I'm afraid of making something with yeast without the machine!

S. Etole

These look seriously wonderful and I wish I had one for a treat this morning.


Hi Tracy,
These look so delicious!


Oh my word! They look delicious! I've only just finished eating.... and now my mouth is watering! Must try them. Enjoy the week. Ros


Cinnamon Rolls!!! They look fabulous. I have a great recipe that I've not made for a very long time..... must remedy that :)


Oh how yummy, Tracy! I love cinnamon rolls...especially with lots of frosting. What a perfectly satisfying breakfast or snack...especially while crafting!



Oh, yum!! Those do look great. Really great!


Those cinnamon buns look delish! I always especially enjoy them with a spattering of icing!


Ooh save some for me please Tracy! They look delicious. So pleased to hear that maybe things are etting back on an even keel for you. Here's to a gentle summer x

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