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June 07, 2010


Becky K.

I am conflicted about getting out in the garden to weed. My Dr. has ordered me to rest my neck... but the weather has just become perfect for gardening....sigh.

Becky K.


At least you could get out in your garden -- here it rained, actually poured, and then turned cold. Brrrrr. I stayed inside under and afghan with a good book. Have a great week.


Just the thought of all that gardening tired me out. Have a great week.


Way to go on the gardening! We have had rain and rain and rain but I think Summer may have been last Saturday and I was able to get out and get one flower garden planted. It makes me smile to look out the window now.

See you at Mike's!


Have popped over.

I bet your garden looks great after all your hard work. I took pics of mine this morning but there are so many other poics to share 1st.


You'll have much to enjoy this summer in your garden after all that hard work. Enjoy your rest.

Elizabeth Wix

Sorry you are tired but I bet the garden appreciated your efforts!
Hugs for a wonderful week!


I bet your garden looks great, I bet your finger nails are ruined. The good thing as that whatever work you put into the garden it repays you many times over and your nails will grow back.


Gardening is hard work bur as someone said above me, you will appreciate all yur efforts when it begins to grow!

Ragna Shollenberger

Thank you, Tracy, for your comments on my blog.
It is always good to hear from you.
I can picture you in the Norwegian sunshine digging in the dirt and planting flowers to be enjoyed all summer long.
Have fun as you continue digging and planting.


Hope you are soon feeling refreshed and rested. I'm sure your garden will appreciate your efforts. Have a good week. Ros


Hi Tracy--we have had such a weird spring. We've gone from snow to hot-hot in just a few weeks. So my gardening has been quite sporadic. But it feels so good to be out working in the dirt!

See you at Mike's for the Blog Cafe!

Anne Donald

Hi Tracy - the garden needs a lot of work just now - between the warmer weather and the rain ..... but fortunately for me Malcolm has taken over looking after the garden since he retired!! Have a good week, love, Anne


Welcome home to all these Tracy! Looking forward to pics from your gorgeous garden then! Happy warm days!


Gardening is hard work - but very satisfying! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the effects of your efforts :)


Dearest tracy sounds like you had a great weekend!! I am looking forward to have a peek at your gorgeous garden. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


Okay. Now I feel somewhat conflicted. I am envious of the hot sun (considering we've had nothing but rain) but I don't like gardening so I'm not keen on the yard work. As I mentioned, I am conflicted. Hope your tired muscles feel better soon!


take you time, my love.
it seems that time is just flying by.
thinking of you. one love.


After suffering horribly with poison ivy last year (I'm very allergic) I am doing more container gardening this year with potting soil. It's safer and definitely easier work! Have a great week!


Tracy, we keep missing each other on the computer! I tried to call you on the phone yesterday afternoon, but no answer. I did leave a message. One of these days we will connect! Don't work too hard in that garden. You don't want to tire yourself out too much! ((((hugs)))) Love you loads! XXOO


Hope you are having a good week Tracy and not overdoing it on the gardening front! Take time to smell the flowers and enjoy!


Tracy, glad to hear you guys were so productive over the weekend. I had a hot weekend too being down in Florida to visit family. I wish I had room for a little garden of my own. Have a happy week sweet friend.

Short Poems

O no gardening is really hard work!
You have such a lovely place here :)

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