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June 21, 2010



Glad to hear your Dad's doing better. More positive vibes and prayers sent his way (and yours).

Have a great week, my friend.


I'm so happy to hear that your Dad seems to be doing better. I have thought of you and your family often this past week and wish wellness to all!


Dearest tracy, thank you so much for your papa's news. I am feeling a lot better now that i know he is out of the worst danger and seems to be doing better! I am sending you lots of love and prayers to you and your family! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


I am so glad to hear there is an improvement in your dads health. I really really hope he will be recovered enough to go home very soon.
Sending positive healing thoughts his way.


I'm glad you've had some good news. I'll keep you and your dad in my prayers. Take care :)


Good to here that your Dad is more stable now. Big hugs. Hope you get everything you need to do, done this week.


This is the news I was hoping to hear on your blog today!

Happy Summer to you!


It is good to hear that your Dad's condition is more stable. My thoughts and prayers are sent your way and your Dad's. Keep strong during this difficult time.


Glad to hear about a little stability in your Dad's health. And hope that his doctors will be able to effectively deal with the ups and downs of his condition. I knew a man who, after an early heart attack and lectures from all his doctors, made dramatic changes in his diet and exercise. He says he feels years younger, more fit than ever, and enjoying life. Wishing the best recovery for your Dad, Tracy.

Lisa Q

so glad that your dad is more and more stable as the days go on. That is such great news. And I'm so glad you got some time to relax over the weekend. Hugs to you and your dad.

Anne Donald

Hi Tracy - glad to read the encouraging news about your Dad, and congrats to your in-laws on their anniversary. Hope you have a good week, love, Anne x


Hi Tracy
I am so happy to hear that your Dad is doing well and in the process of recovering. I'll keep you all in my prayers. Enjoy preparing for the happy occasion for your in-laws..happy gold anniversary to them in advance!
♥ Pat


I am sorry to hear about your Dad Tracy. I am glad he is a little better now and send him good wishes.
Sarah x


I'm so relieved to hear that your dad is doing much better. It must be such a stressful time for you right now. Take care and try to have a restful week. See you when you return from your bloggy break :) xo


Oh, I am glad to hear your dad is doing so much better. I'll keep praying for his full recovery. Thinking of you during this busy and stressful time.

S. Etole

You share the most beautiful roses with us ... and I am thankful your father is improving.


Good to hear things are a bit more stable for you all Tracy. Take care of you x


Oh good....I'm glad things are getting under control with your father. I know how all this worrying about a parent goes. It can be very stressful, but even more so when you're so far away and are getting reports second-hand. Hang in there.

Wild Rose

Dear Tracy,

I'm relieved to hear that your Dad is improving. I do hope that he continues to make good progress on his road to recovery.

Take good care of yourself my friend.

Marie x


What fabulous news!!
Yes!! to collective prayers and good thoughts!
Will continue!!



I'm sorry to hear about your dad, but so happy that he seems to be getting better. My prayers are for you, him and your family! Please take care!


Tracy, I'm happy to hear your dad is on the mend!!!


So glad to hear the news about your dear Dad doing better. I hope you'll find time this week just for yourself to relax and enjoy doing what you want to do.


So happy to hear that despite complications your Dad is on the mend!!! And now you can better enjoy your husband's family celebration - a 50th wedding anniversary - a long happy marriage is a blessing (both for the couple and their children).


Such good news about your dad! That is so wonderful to hear!! We have had a bit of heart issue with an extended family member this week..it gets very stressful when someone has difficulties that are so serious!
I am gone for another week but will be back. Santa Fe...is the destinations!! :) I'll have lots of pictures and fantastic stories to tell.
Hugs to you, Tracy. Happy 50th to your IL's!!

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