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July 30, 2010



Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us, your devoted blog fans - may you continue to carry such beauty in your heart


so sad the store will closing because your works of art are absolutely gorgeous. I enjoy those the ones I own for sure. thanks.

great giveaway. happy friday

Bumpkin Bears

Hi Tracy, what a beautiful bracelet, just as all your jewelry is. I wish you lots of luck with the Sale, I am sure all your charming items will fly away to special new homes that will appreciate and cherish them. HUGS, Catherine xx


So sad Tracy . . . the end of an era. I love your jewelry and always have done. It is just so sad that this economy has taken such a nose dive. Anyone would be very lucky to win your giveaway. I am hoping that perhaps one day down the road you will be able to open up shop again. Everything I have ever purchased from you has been beautiful and worth every penny! I love you loads sweet friend. Hope to chat soon!!! XXOO


Oh...I love charm bracelets! I would love to win this giveaway so please sign me up. I am sure your moving from the shop will bring something really exciting your way. No time is just something going around in the summer air I think. I finally posted on mine after letting them go for a week. Just busy times. I intended to send you an email this week but it will have to wait as we leave for Cranberry Cottage soon...

I hope you have a very wonderful weekend!

Hugs from Holland ~

Judi A.

You know I'll miss your shop and the ability to purchase pretties made by you. As a special reminder of your art, I would love to win this beautiful bracelet :-)


Hi Tracy!
Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway. It's gorgeous!!!! Love it!
I'm online a lot but don't leave many comments to save some time. The novel I'm reading is actually a bestseller I borrowed from the library: Luanne Rice's 'Safe Harbour".


Count me in! I'm not a jewelry wearer, but my daughter loves pretty bracelets!


So sad to see you close your beautiful shop, but I know you are on to newer and bigger and brighter things! ;) xo I will always cherish the pretty pieces I've purchased from you!


Hi Tracy!
Thanks for your kind wishes for Cassie. I meant to pop in the other day and say I was pleased Charlie was back from the vets ok. It is a worry isn't it? Also thanks for the hair comment!
I hope that closing your shop will give you the time you need for other endeavours. Change is exciting sometimes! That bracelet is very pretty and I love the things I have purchased from your lovely shop-you are a very skilled lady!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Sarah x

Natalie VV

Tracy... you are such a sweet, talented, and thoughtful woman. I wish everyone could know how wonderful you and your creations are.
I am always think of you, and feel blessed to know you... just saying.


Tracy, your talent is amazing. I'm happy to read, each day, a part of your creative journey. I'm sure your new pursuits will be just as awesome. Have a wonderful weekend!

Ragna Shollenberger

Tracy, Some things must come to a close, but I know new endeavors are ahead for you.
Your jewelry is beautiful and so are your other craft items.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


So sorry about the closing down of your etsy shop! I still enjoy your pretty shawls! I’m sure though you will come up with something new and exciting!

Please don’t enter my name in the drawing. You recently spoilt me with your lovely give-away gifts!


I hope closing your shop brings you some extra time for yourself. so generous of you to be giving a percentage to charity xxx

Kate England

Tracy, the person who wins this exquisite piece, is very lucky!

It's amazing and powerful to do something like what you are doing just now! I hope the sale will go well and that you are moving in a direction that is a better fit for you!

Warmest thoughts and well wishes in this time of your life! Transformation. xo


Hi Tracy - what a lovely giveaway. I hope closing your shop gives you more time to concentrate on your other creative activities! Thank you for your good wishes for the resolution of my sore face!! Have a good weekend, love, Anne x

S. Etole

You have a gift for creating timeless beauty ... in many forms. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Hi Tracy, I am just now seeing your work for the first time and I wish I had discovered you sooner. (Se'lah recommended we drop by).You have alot of talent for creating beautiful things. I hope you find another outlet for your artistry. Many good wishes.


One door opens as another door closes, right? I wish you much luck on your next creative endeavor! Go rock it!


I know that this is a difficult step. Life is about exploring new things and making changes is sometimes necessary for us to move forward in our lives. You are so very creative and I know will find a new outlet to express that side of yourself ~ and I'm just glad I have the beautiful necklace that you made. I'll always treasure it.

No entry in the giveaway for me ~ I've already received so much from you :)


Tracy your give away bracelet is truly beautiful and generous!
I will alwasy treasure the items I purchased from you in the past as reminders of your incredible talent for knitting and jewelry making. Hopefully I will be able to purchase something from this sale.
I hope you next endeavor will be an exciting and happy one for you! On to new explorations and discoveries!
♥ Pat


Like fresh365, I am reminded of the words from the Sound of Music: Where one window shuts, another opens. I am looking forward to reading about the new window opening!

Lovely give-away! Count me in please!


Hello Dear Tracy,
Happy for your new phase ~
in life ~
I know creativity is your everyday.


I know you'll still create -- it's in your blood! And it'll be interesting to see how things work out.

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