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July 19, 2010


Anne Donald

The harbour looks lovely - I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of your weekend! I hope you are still resting and taking care of yourself. Love, Anne x


The harbour looks really relaxing and inviting Tracy. What a blessing for the people living in Larvik to be in the mist of such scenic surroundings.

I'm sad to hear that the PP shop is closing but whatever you choose, I'm behind you. :)


Larvik looks like a beautiful spot to spend some time!
Thanks for sharing the pictures and a happy week to you, the husband and Charlie!


Ah, looks like you had a beautiful weekend. Have a good week!


What a joy it is to be back here visiting you, Tracy! I've been away from blogging a lot this summer, and I've missed it so much! Larvik looks absolutely beautiful! Harbor towns are always my favorite places to visit. Looks like you had stunning weather, too!

xoxo Gigi

Betty Jo

Oh My Tracy! What a gorgeous place to visit. I would go there as often as possible. Love your photos. ♥


My husband and I have always wanted to take a ferry up the coast of Norway. Gorgeous photos! And that B&B is lovely. A high school aged friend of my daughter just spent a year in Norway and loved it.

ellen b

What a beautiful destination Tracy. Your photos are wonderful!


I can almost smell the air and hear the boats clanging masts! It looks so peaceful and charming!
Looking back I see that you are taking a new path. Change is good and you have a way of thinking through these things with such clarity. I so enjoy looking at the lovely things you make and create! My "Tracy" bag is always noticed and commented on by friends! Your talent is appreciated!! Have a good week, Tracy!


My, what a lovely location. You always make me feel as if I am there with you. I can almost smell the scent of the air.

Thank you for sharing.


It looks absolutely lovely!


oh i am a big fan of thor heyerdahl.


What a gorgeous place! I miss the ocean, thanks for sharing!


Beautiful images! That must have been a lovely weekend. Are you feeling all better now? Hope the cough is gone. Sometimes those coughs can hang on for a long time.

S. Etole

What a beautiful, light-filled day. The lines in the bottom sculpture are entrancing.


What a beautiful outing. Such gorgeous photos as always! Cheers!

tea time and roses

Hello Tracy!

What lovely photos! I can see that you and your dear husband enjoyed a beautiful weekend, simply grand.:o)

Happy week to you my friend.




The Professor is half Swedish and I'd love to go to Norway and Sweden with him someday. What a beautiful country! All the sea and sand and sails!


An amazing place to visit, it looks so very Norwegian. I checked out the b&b website, on the overnatting page (I worked that out myself) the rooms look so luxurious and relaxing it must have been perfect. A good weekend with plenty of sea air and blue skies, hope you are now fully restored.


Hello Tracy! Larvik looks lovely. Looks as though you had a great weekend away. Hope you batteries are now fully charged. Have a good week. Ros


so idyllic and serene place to enjoy. Hope you had a wonderful time!


wonderful photos. It looks like a lovely weekend away. Have a great week!


What a beautiful place to visit...thanks for taking me with you:)


Beautiful pictures....Sounds like a lovely weekend.


I spent a few days in Norway in the late 90's and loved it. Every time I see your photos, it reminds me that I want to visit again someday.

I'm glad you had a fun weekend!

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