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July 23, 2010



Hi Tracy - wonderful photos!! have a good weekend, love Anne x


hi Tracy,
glad to read of your wonderful break ~ just what the doctor ordered methinks!

Happy belated birthday to Mr PP too. Enjoy!
warmest wishes to you dear friend x


I've just been catching up on your weekend away posts, your photos are beautiful.
It looks like you had a wonderfully special weekend, you live in such a beautiful country.
Hope you both had a wonderful time.
Have a good weekend this weekend.
lots of love


So very beautiful. And I love the last photo of you - you look at home in that landscape.

Bumpkin Bears

what a magical place, I especially love the wind swept tree. Have a lovely weekend, Hugs, Catherine x


That sounds like an exciting landscape and I know what you mean about 'sacred'. I would love to see it. Your photos turned out well. I always find it a challenge to photograph that big sky, so that it feels big in the photo.


Have a wonderful weekend Tracy! Your photos have been a treat to look at. I'm envious of your time away, but you certainly deserved a break.


I love that photo of you in the last one. Looks like such a gorgeous place! Have a great weekend!


These are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this sacred place.


Wonderful shots Tracey! The beach looks so restoring...It is amazing that the cairns haven't erroded over the years...

Have a great weekend...even if it sounds busy:)


The cairns seem so close to the sea! I wonder if ancient sailors or fishermen were buried there? The shoreline looks beautiful and that was a lovely photo of you, Tracy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ Pat


Loving the views. I especially like the lone pine tree on the first photo. Enjoy the weekend, Tracy!


It looks so beautiful there, Tracy! Have a wonderful weekend!



What an amazing place. Happy weekend to you!


Fasinating post! Rock covered beaches have their own charm! Thanks for sharing this very special place!


Dearest tracy, i am loving your sun and see column this week! Gorgeous gorgeous photos and they make me feel so relax! Your weekend trip was soo fun and thank YOU so much for sharing! I am loving that gorgeous photo of you! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you sweet friend!

S. Etole

There is so much character in that tree and the shoreline.

Ragna Shollenberger

The southern coast of Norway is so spectacular...Why go to the Caribbean when there is NORWAY???
Jæren, south of Stavanger, is another place where you find viking graves. I usually take a trip there when I go home...

Kate England

I've SO enjoyed reading this series about your trip through Norway, as well as browsing the additional images on your photo blog! It's strange, isn't it, how these barren, windy landscapes hold a beauty of their own? Quite different than the more lush landscapes? Striking in their very own way... Just the place for an inner journey too.

Wishing you great success with the close-out sale of your store and can't wait to see what you turn around to do next!

With lots of love! xo


Tracy, what an incredibly beautiful and magical place. I really enjoyed learning about it.

And, that picture of you is gorgeous.


the tree..the shore .. so interesting and wild looking! love your picture too..big smile!


I enjoyed your photos Tracy, such a beautiful place to go to. Thanks for the history lesson as well...LOL! I love to read about foreign places!


Love, love, love those images. Especially the last one of you looking so contented and utterly happy. Hello, beautiful friend.


Thanks for much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!

My mother's family is from Norway. Some distant relatives still live there, so of course I was very interested to read that you are making Norway your home.

This rocky beach, so different from the white sand beaches of Florida's gulf coast, where I live, is fascinating. Your photos and description really made it come alive.

I'll definitely come back to visit again!


The shoreline looks wild and rocky - just what I love.

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