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July 21, 2010



What a fun trip. It looks like such a quaint place to visit. My husband (who is Dutch) took me to the island of Texel in the North Sea once -- Fredriksvern reminds me of it. There's something so special about old world architecture.

Elizabeth Wix

What a lovely trip to a charming place.
Now I want to see pictures of the beach too.
Hugs from NY


What a spectacular looking place is Stavern! How could it be possible to not have an enjoyable weekend away at such a location!?! So happy to hear you had a lovely couple of days vacation and I'm popping over to your other blog to look at more holiday photos! I hope your week is going well so far Tracy :)

I'm a little behind in blog visits of late. Lots happening. You know how it goes... glad to have finally made my way over here today!

sippity stitch

looks beautiful!


Looks idyllic! Looks like you had great weather for your trip too:) Mr O would have loved that car parade:)


Love that small-town look of the parade. Though you mention that it's a popular vacation spot, it seems uncrowded - wonderful!


I'm ready to go visit!


Ahhh so gorgeous, you're making me jealous!

Lisa Q

how great to catch up with you and see your wonderful getaway. Looks like you were in some quaint and beautiful places. Have a wonderful week getting back to reality! Hugs!

S. Etole

Looks like an intriguing place to visit ...


this post and last i have so enjoyed sight seeing with you Tracy!! sunshine and color around each corner it seems...blessings friend!!


I just marvel at your ability to share a "location" with photos. I've tried and it's NOT easy - LOL What a lovely weekend getaway!

I love vintage cars. My dad had a classic Thunderbird when we were children. I guess that means I'm probably vintage now too :)


Stavern looks so pretty! I love all the flowers and maritime accents. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation, Tracy.

How is your weather? It's been so hot and humid this summer that I can't even keep mu computer on for long or it gets wonky. I'm looking forward to fall! :)

suzie sews at Dotty Red

what a great place, thank you for sharing.


these are beautiful photos. my husband would have loved the old car show.


Looks like you had a wonderful weekend away with dear hubby. I hope you are feeling fully recovered now and that your energy has return. Lovely photos.


What a lovely place to visit!! Hope your health has benefitted from your R&R!! Love, Anne x


looks like a beautiful walk through a past time :)


Lovely photos. I like the antique cars. Our town has an antique car parade every August. It usually goes right by a road very near our house. Tim and Rich like going to see the old cars. They used to throw candy out of the cars for the kids.

Pretty roses. I would have stopped to smell them too!

take care,


My kind of town :)


Lovely pictures. I adore old cars, red houses, rose gardens and lighthouses!

Thanks for sharing Tracy!


Wow. Such a lovely town. I really love the tall sculptures at the right edge of the bottom photo. Can you tell me about them?

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