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September 15, 2010


Anne Donald

What lovely gifts - to both give and receive!! I hope you throw off the cold soon - it's horrible when a cold lingers on and you just don't have much energy. I hope your weather is better than ours - the wind and rain is horrible!! Love, Anne x


The project sounds just the right thing to cheer you up! Lots of prettiness.

I hopen your cold eases very soon and you can start to enjoy the autumn!


You've had such prettiness come you way. Isn't this blogger generosity an amazing thing?

Becky K.

Your presentation in these photos is so awesome! Such lovely items to give and receive.
I hope you get completely back to your healthy self.

Becky K.

Lisa Q

such fun postal packages...given and received. hope you feel back to normal soon. hugs!


Tracy, this is wonderful! And oh my I kind of missed that you had a cold! I'm so sorry to hear that and sending lots of healing vibes your way!!! love and hugs!


these are beautiful and generous gifts from very special friends one and all...LOVE the new header by the way!!


absolutely dreamy jewels, to give and receive. i'm so glad you participate and help make the project so much fun.

do get well soon...sending lots of positive vibes your way my friend.


Oh such prettiness.
I do love that black bracelet that you sent, so lovely.
Hope you feel better very very soon Tracy.
Lots of love


So sorry to hear that your cold is still hanging on : (

But there's nothing like a little gift parcel by post to lift the spirits! I love that crocheted hearts bookmark, and your bracelet set is elegant.


Beautiful gifts! There is so much talent floating around in cyberspace. I hope I didn't type too much in my comment. I don't see it and wanted to just ask... (smile).


I love all of these treasures you are showing today. Crochet hearts are so pretty. I want to learn to make those! Your bracelet is gorgeous and so is that ring! Have a great day!


The changes to "Pink Purl" are refreshing. I like the new format and photos. That bookmark is the sweetest.


I'm so glad you liked the bookmark! Your card and bracelet to vchelle are wonderful and what a lovely ring you won! Make sure you get plenty of rest.


So pretty! I love handmade gifts. Even more fun to get in the mail between bills!


Back in the UK now :D I love your new blog layout. It's so fresh!
You have wonderful gifts there :D Oh if only I could create a lovely piece of jewelery like them...
Hope you are well! See you soon in the blogland ;)

Ragna Shollenberger

You do have some wonderful friends, Tracy.
You are blessed.


Hello dear Tracy, darn an old cold, it makes one feel terrible. I am so sorry Tracy. My sister and her family just went through colds and everyone caught it. I stayed away.

Thank you for your sweet comments Tracy. I always appreciate your comments so much. I know you love Charlie, who cares about the fur. Smile. That is one thing I don't have because poodle's do not shed. The pet post was sent to me by Email and it was too cute not to share it with all the pet lovers out there.

Feel better soon dear friend.

Bunches of hugs, Jeanne


What I love most was your post's title. How sweet to get a little love by mail ;-)


What fun you found in the mail! I'm sure they will warm your heart on the cold days ahead!


Keepin' on knittin' sounds like the safe bet to me, Tracy!!! I love the little crocheted hearts.

Hope you're feeling better. Fall is almost here. Yay!!!


Bumpkin Bears

Lots of wonderful delights, love that bookmark and yipee for winning that ring. I do hope this cold will clear for you soon. Big Hugs, Catherine x


Hooray for love mail with handmade goodness! I can imagine how comforted you must have been. I hope that cold bug goes away soon! Have a restful weekend! (hugs)


Lovely things in this post Tracy, both given and received! I enjoyed reading about your yoga too. It sounds really fulfilling. Hope you have shaken off the remains of the cold now!


The gift of jewels was fun:) I do hope you feel well soon!

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