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October 20, 2010



Tracy, it's so wonderful that your creative Self is happy :-) these malas are just beautiful, you are so very gifted dear one! be well, lots of love and big hugs!! ps: I'm baking cooking cleaning cutting our hair and tonight I'll decorate for the big party of tomorrow ... so off I go :-) ... hugs!!!


loving it!!!!!!!

i think "love flags" is so endearing...think i'll adopt that name too ;)


It looks like your heart is working through your fingertips. These are lovely.


Everything is looking so lovely and inspiration, Tracy! Happy creating days ahead are in store for you, I can tell!


The idea of love flags is brilliant! They look delicate and fragile!


So beautiful Tracy, I am looking forward to get to see more of your creations. Have a Wonderful Wednesday evening ;-)


Oh these are just wonderful Tracy, so pretty & unusual too. I think you have found a lovely new creative calling combining your creative talent & your spiritual self. Hope to hear more about your bigger project very soon.
p.s I have some wonderful news that I have just posted about on my blog!


Lovely creations! And I so enjoyed my walk with you through the woods in your previous post.


What exciting creations you have been making! I just adore the flags and mala ... can't wait to see more of the project :-)


You are so creative! I never heard of malas before...ith looks beautiful..and love flags? LOVE it:)


You make beautiful malas, Tracy. Good to hear the creative fires are burning strong.


These are really lovely Tracy!


It is sometimes difficult to share what we do creatively. I can totally understand. Love the beads and flags and look forward to hearing more about them.

S. Etole

the beauty of you shines through your work ...

Kate England

Tracy, I love to hear about all your amazing creative projects! I was wondering if your creativity feels different now that you don't have the pressure of the shop? Can't wait to find out more about your malas project! xo


Both are beautiful! I can't wait to see what this big project is. I've never heard of a prayer flag, but a lovely idea!


Interesting to see what you are venturing into next... Keep us posted!


Tracy, That tassel is adorable! Excited to see what else you've been making!


Those flags are intriguing and beautiful....You have me thinking about making myself one. Everything you make has such an elegant, yet soft air to it. Very inspiring.


Your flags look so pretty with their lovely embellishments of lace and applique. Glad to hear you have been doing plenty of creating. Have a wonderful weekend.

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

It is good to hear that your creative fires are burning bright and and in such a fulfilling way, Tracy. I look forward to hearing more about all your new endeavors. Both examples you show today are beautiful!
♥ Pat

Anne Donald

Hi Tracy - beautiful creations! I'm glad that you have still been busy crafting after closing your shop. Love Anne x

Bumpkin Bears

so beautiful, lovely calming colours. Catherine xx


Let those creative fires burn! These projects sound intriguing, and I look forward to seeing more. The prayer beads are exquisite.


Hello Tracy :)
Your makings are always very delicate and beautiful. I have loads of creative ideas in my head but hardly having any time to do anything at all. Enjoy creating and happy weekend. Hugs :)

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