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October 11, 2010



With summer the solo season here, I'm quite glad (though I really yearn for winter sometimes) that I don't have weightier clothes or shoes to handle. Our thicker coats are tucked away in those wonderful vacuum-like packing bags.

Less is more is my moto, and I know it's something which I've learnt from my parents. It's so true that we barely touch the whole wardrobe/cosmetics/jewelry and even skincare! To me, packing for my travels is a great time to evaluate those few things that are most essential and most versatile when you're away from home. Now you see why I started the "what travels with you" series :)

If I should have to contend with gray hair someday, I will dye it. I've never dyed before! Have a great week Tracy! (Hugs)


Tracy, what a wonderful post!!! I do relate to the British survey ..lol. Especially since I had my son, I'm basically wearing all the same stuff over and over (clean of course :-) and I mostly alternate the T-shirts. In August I got rid of many clothes bc I did have some of them for over 7 years and would not wear them at all ... crazy! The make-up I do relate. I hardly wear any make-up, I use a mascara though. But sometimes I did buy something that I did like and NEVER did put it on... waste of money, waste of everything really ... And as for the hair - you already know ;-) ... I read about people who started to live with less and how much happiness it has brought to them and I do believe that. There is one thing I have a hard time to let go of and these are books ... I just love to read :-) I applaud you for participating in this project, I think it's wonderful! Love and hugs!!


I love this post. Yes, less is more in so many occasions. I weeded out a lot of clothes that I had not touched when we moved. Now I don't have a lot in my closet and think there are a few other things I should get rid of. I think I am mainly just tired of. As far as make up goes I have 3 set of eye shadow that I wear regularly. I will go check our project 333. Sounds fun and interesting!


Dear Tracy,

I (or rather my wardrobe) can't yet get over the feeling that there have to be clothes for the University and clothes for hanging out and clothes for working in the woods.

But, I have started to rid myself of some of my work clothes. One of these days, I will do what you have done, but not quite yet.

I have myself down to three pair of jeans and three of khaki pants. Lots of sweaters and sweatshirts.

The makeup I definitely have paired down. Two foundations, one for everyday with sunscreen and one for evenings or days out. Three small eye-liners from Sephora. One pencil for brows with a brush on the end for softness, a glossy blush/lipstick from Bobby Brown and mascara from Sephora that is organic. That's it!

So, I am on my way to an uncluttered life, I hope!


Oh my... I must already be a minimalist by nature, as I probably wear the same 12 (or less) items of clothing in any given season. lol You can tell I don't work a fulltime job, or else I'm sure the number of clothing I wear would be much higher! lol

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

This was such an interesting post Tracy! I wore a uniform my whole life..from first grade of school through my job as an RN, so I never had a big wardrobe. My house is old so closet space is minimal. I have had weight fluctuations since my thyroid problems began in 2001, so that made me buy more clothes in larger sizes and I keep hoping I will get back to my slimmer self so I hang on to the slimmer clothes. I guess I might give into reality that isn't going to happen.

I wear makeup only for "dress up" occasions so I just have a minimal amount of that.

When I began going grey at your age I had my hair highlighted in a lighter every two months as I felt it hid the grey. Then I started to color all my hair about five years ago. I'm not ready to be all grey as yet..perhaps 5 -10 years from now.
Some women look lovely with grey hair but I am afraid that I am so pale it would make me look washed out and old.
Going to check the blog you recommend next!
♥ Pat


I'm a less is more person. I probably could get by on about 10 pieces of clothing because I work at home and rarely go outside. That's probably one reason I knit so many accessories as I like to pull those on to give my plain dressing style some variety.

I'm 49 and I've highlighted my hair since I was in my early twenties. I think it depends on how your natural hair color works with your skin tone. This will make you laugh - we have an acquaintance who is about 65 and she has let her hair go white - but she adds this fun blue paint to the front. She suggested that I paint a few streak of red in my hair - I'm tempted - LOL


I have been feeling such a need to have less. I've gone through our living room and kitchen once and now need to tackle the bedrooms. I really think less is more. Stuff is just stuff and it accumulates so quickly. I love the outfit and makeup you have pictured -very pretty. :) We have the summer/winter climate here too and my wardrobe is in sad shape. ..Lots of things need replaced and lots of things need to be parted with.

As far as the gray hair goes, I think whatever you feel comfortable with will look lovely. I'm noticing a lot more white showing through in my hair these days (I'm 29), and I'm not sure what I will end up doing. I've seen women who have gone completely white/gray, who have a good haircut, and it looks really great. You have a pretty face and a pretty cut, so I bet you could pull it off nicely.

Ragna Shollenberger

I can't wait to get started. I went through the bedroom a short while ago, and now for the clothing...
You have inspired me to downsize an area that seldom makes sense to me. I try and I try and I try again, but looking at your "to keep" list I see the practical solution to my problem. Staying with the basic, chosen color and making it interesting by interchanging with a few additional colors, will produce a "clean" looking closet with easier combinations.

I also have several bags with left-over make-up never to be used. Out it goes.

You are so right, Less is much More!


an exquisite wardrobe, even with less.

i love to see grey hair...i think it's a sure sign of wisdom.


Hi Tracy!
I totally agree with you about less is more.
When you have less, it makes you know more about your self. You can concentrate more on what is important in one's life.
I totally respect the way you think and put things into action! :D
Since I am moving home, it's time for me to de-clutter my stuff and have a nice simple life!


As you already know, I'm doing Project 333. Already, I'm enjoying the fact that there is less stress in the morning deciding what to wear (I choose clothes the night before and lay them out).

I have blonde hair so 'going white' isn't particularly noticeable. I add a few highlights/sun streaks sometimes just for brightness if I think my hair is getting 'dingy'. I'm 60 and so, no, I don't think I'll be coloring my hair.


I'm quite intrigued by the minimalist challenge. Unfortunately, I have work clothes, casual clothes for running the kids about, & house clothes (which I wear only at home which are comfy and prone to become very stained from work &/or crafts!) for 2 to 3 seasons, mainly because our weather is so drastic! Don't forget the fat and thin clothes collections too! Urgh! I just couldn't pair it down to 30 items even on a seasonal basis!


Good luck on the challenge. Actually another blogger that I follow is also doing this challenge, too! take care!


So tempting, I already purged my closet using the 80% -20% rule but I am still far from the total of 33 items...
Shoes would be the hardest...Your list is going to be my guide and who knows? I might be able to pull it of sooner than I think...

Thank you so much, Tracy for the inspiration


Wow -- that 20 percent / 80 percent average certainly applies to me (I am embarrassed to say). Every so often I go through the big purge and rid my closet of the unused and unwanted. But, somehow things creep back in. Good for you -- you must have a lot of self-discipline.


Dearest sweet tracy, this sounds like a wonderful project and im also trying to live life with "less is more". Having only summer season here...i only have lots of summer clothes and very minimal winter clothes {only used when im visiting the mister in germany}. But i do have lots of makeup that i hardly use...and over the weekend i did some cleaning up and clear away those makeup that were "Old" and "expired". Thanks so much for sharing this with us and it's such a wonderful sweet reminder of a beautiful sentiment. Have a lovely merry happy week dear firend! Love to you!

Lisa Q

I always go through my closet and drawers before each season, but i know I've got scads more clothes than I really could wear. Maybe I should go through them again and be a bit more brutal.


Even whittled down, your wardrobe sounds fab. I need to do the same with mone - get rid of all those clothes that are lovely but that I just don't wear!


I love that lavender color!

Like Pat I always wore a uniform for work...and loved not having to buy clothes:) My wardrobe is fairly small already but I have a rule that I have to get rid of something if I buy something. Having few, small closets keeps me from accumulating much.

I have been letting my grey hair go, telling myself it looks like highlights:) I think I would look younger if I dyed my hair but to be honest I know I would never keep it up...I'm too lazy:)

Kate England

What a great idea, Tracy!

I had so much to catch up with on your blog this time and really enjoyed seeing London through your eyes! One of my favourite places in the world!


Very admirable but wow, I don't know if I could do it.


Less is more for sure! I don't have a lot of clothing, mostly because I do not like to shop. I'd love to wear the same 33 pieces over the next few weeks. I will have to go check out that site.

As far as the hair thing goes...I think you should let it go for a little bit and see how you feel about the color. You can always start dying it again. You never know, you might like having gray hair. :)


Tracy you are an inspiration. I long for a pared down wardrobe. I've decided I'm not going to live long enough to wear out all those work clothes especially as I live in t shirts and jogging bottoms now. I have stopped buying new clothes, is that a start do you think.


I do have a minimalist wardrobe (sounds a lot like yours, with a few different colours). I do have a dog walking set of clothes, that I really should not be seen in, however saves on the wear and tear on my daily wardrobe. I think I have more than 33 items though. Make up, very minimal. Grey hair, not an issue, but who cares about grey hair?

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