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November 18, 2010



Enjoy your trip to the USA! Enjoy your family, friends, inhale all the love you can! Safe trips and I’ll be waiting for you to come back.



Oh, have a wonderful trip! We used to love Thanksgiving - we were made so welcome and invited into people's homes to share the day with them. It's a lovely holiday.


oh my goodness - what fun you are going to have, looking at all the craft goodies in the stores right now ! I shall dearly miss your blog but know that you are going to enjoy a marvelous time with family. Don't let all the holiday craziness overwhelm you ...

I absolutely adore the earrings I purchased from you before you closed Etsy - and have received numerous compliments on both pair. Thanks for sharing your dear creative side with me.

Stay Zen and Safe Travels !


Tracy, once a more, have the most beautiful time! Will be waiting here for your to come back :-) and your picture made me smile ;-) lots of love and big big hugs!!


Have a wonderful wonderful time Tracy & Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.
Don't you be checking in online too much missy, you spend your time having fun with family & friends now, you hear me! *giggle*
Have a safe journey.
lots of love


Hi Tracy!
Hope you have a wonderful time :D I have never experienced a real Thanksgiving in the US. It must be so fun.. :)
UK is getting cold and miserable and we definitely need something like US Thanksgiving to cheer us up. Cannot wait until Christmas (although I have to get so many gift to children and it will be a hard work...)!Have a safe journey and looking forward to seeing you in blogland soon! :D "hugs"

Natalie VV

I do remember some posts, years ago, when you were wishing for this~ a Thanksgiving here. I am so happy for you. Safe and happy travels dear friend. (((hugs)))

Golden West

Wonderful that you can be together with your family - enjoy!


Have fun! Happy and safe travels :).


Have a safe and wonderful trip! I'll look forward to hearing all about your fun (and hopefully relaxing) adventures.


Just what you need, hope you are totally spoilt and indulged while you are back home. Have a lovely lovely holiday.


Wishing you a safe trip, lots of love and Thanks giving days ;-)
I'll be here when you come back
((Giant virtual hugs))


Have a lovely break back home Tracy. It will be so lovely for you to see everyone again.


After the harvest, what could be more natural than a special time of gratitude? A festival of gratitude is my favorite kind of celebration too. So much easier to keep it low pressure.


Have a lovely, lovely time.

ellen b

Have a wonderful time. So glad you get to make the trip!


Have a wonderful visit and Thanksgiving!

Anne Donald

Have a safe journey and a wonderful visit with your family! I've just said to Malcolm that you are going home for Thanksgiving and he promptly said (as I knew he would)'perhaps she'll have deep-fried turkey' .... he hasn't yet recovered from being served that when he celebrated Thanksgiving at a colleague's home when he was working in Texas!!


Have a wonderful wonderful time!!!! Love your wreath ~ this year I really want to hang a wreath for Christmas which we generally don't do because we are gone for the holidays :(

Have a safe journey and take lots of knitting for the plane flight!

S. Etole

Safe travels and may your days be filled with blessing.


Safe travels and welcome back. I hope your break is full of turkey and loved ones.


have a fun trip. happy thanksgiving. enjoy your holiday!


Safe travels! See you in a few weeks :)


You are one mover & shaker! We can't keep you in Norway longer than a few months! Bon voyage!


Have a great time Tracy!!! I can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!! :)

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