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November 12, 2010


Betty Jo

What a beautiful post! I adore the photo with the kindness stone. I think I'll take my friend out to breakfast tomorrow as a random act of kindness. ♥


Kindness really does matter. The teenagers in my house get caught up in teenage nastiness -- but I always try to "make" them do at least one kind thing each day. Maybe someday, they'll think to do this on their own.

Making a cake (just because) sounds like a good plan. Yum. Have a great weekend.


Tracy, this is so beautiful. That quote is one of the most simple and amazing quotes ever!


Awesome post, Tracy, you are so right. Kindness through little things end up creating an awesome circle of love being spread out. The beautiful part of it all, is spreading the love makes us feel so good, it is a win-win situation ;-)
Have a great week-end, dear friend


Thank you for this post, kindness is often buried in all the daily pressures. It is important to be aware of kindness received and given.


Oh Tracy, you are one of the kindest people I know and you do such a wonderful job in making the world a better place. May you be blessed as you send these blessing out into the world. Thanks for all you do!!!

Can't wait for tomorrow. The more, the merrier.

one love.


Lovely post Tracy!

The English word Kindness includes so much more than all the translated words in Dutch! I’ll try to be extra kind tomorrow!


Oh what a lovely post & I just love this quote.
Have a really wonderful weekend Tracy & I hope it is filled with much love & kindness.

Anne Donald

As a child, first in the Brownies and then in the Guides, I was encouraged to do a good deed every day, and I still try as an adult to do that. It might only be a small thing like holding a door open for someone, or a big thing like giving to charity. If only everyone could incorporate a good deed into their day! Have a good weekend, love Anne xx


What a lovely post, Tracy. Kindness is such an important part of life - how wonderful to have a special day to remind us of that! Definitely as important as Thanksgiving day!


I've never really put this thought into words, but I think that my religion must be kindness, too. (I never think of myself as religious at all, but I put the highest value on kind words and deeds.)

Blogging never fails to cheer my heart because I always see/meet so many good and striving people wherever I go.
Elizabeth sent me here, and I'm so glad!


Beautiful Post Tracy! It are all the small acts of kindness that create a better world. Kindness is contagious. Be a carrier!!

Love to you!!

S. Etole

It's a good reminder to practice the things that are important.


Great idea! Yes, imagine what our world be like if everyone did a small act of kindness each day. Starts with us!


tracy what a very special moment..you are so right when you you say the world becomes a much better place if we are kind..like that you baked for hubby..just because!!

Kate England

So true! And all those little things add up! :)


Dearest sweet tracy, i am loving that quote by The Dalai Lama! I am going to start using this when someone ask me what is my religion! It's awesome!
Oh i didnt know that November 13th is kindness day! Thanks so much for such a sweet and beautiful reminder of a wonderful sentiment. We seems to sometime forget to be kind to others even when it comes to the smallest thing! Kindness is truely soo important. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!


Beautiful post Tracy! I hope some random kindness happens upon you today! ; )


And I in turn thank you for the kindnesses you have extended to me, dear Tracy. Your words, thoughts, and compassion have uplifted me many times.


Lovely post! I just love doing random acts of kindness. Your idea of tucking away yarn for charity knitting is brilliant ... I might just need to copy you :-)


Sigh, I think I need some kindness in my life right now. I have spent an entire week at airports and I can tell you there is not much kindness at airports. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I can't believe how warm it is here in Calgary - totally unseasonal. I am starting Christmas at my house now. I love Christmas and I want to enjoy all the decorating efforts for a nice long while this year. Hugs.


Eek! I missed the Nov 13 day! But I gave cupcakes to my sister for her birthday and also some to a neighbour so I didn't completely screw up!


I am happy to be reminded of that Dalai Lama quote. (I just started a quote notebook so I don't have to rummage through tons of random journals to find quotes. This is the second quote. Yay.)

I do love random acts of kindness. How sweet that you had a week full of them!


I love the way your kindness is a reflection of your heart and your interests.

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Sorry I missed the official blog event day but as kindness should exist everyday of the year I'm sending you my best wishes, Tracy! You are one of the sweetest and kindest persons I know. Your light shines bright!
♥ Pat

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