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November 15, 2010



such a lovely idea, and I love your crane x


How lovely-I will definitely look into this later today-when at home! On lunch at the moment and for once am relaxing rather than working! I love how your library looks like a living room, and how the Norwegian for joy is similar to glad.
Hope you have a joyful week,


What a lovely idea, Tracy. I hope that one day I'll find a lovely little paper bird ...


What a lovely idea. I am so clumsy with paper- wrapping presents is an effort! How I don't end up looking like The Mummy with tape all round me I don't know. :-)

I so admire those who can do origami. My efforts even with Hubby's paper and a book are still very bad. I hope the idea really takes off.


This is a neat idea. I love the idea of leaving a sweet message for someone else to find. Joy to you today too! <3


That is such a lovely thing to do! I've never tried origami. It looks really complicated!


What a great idea to leave your bird at your local library! I would be thrilled to find a surprise gift like that. And I love the sky blue color and your choice of words. I learned a new word in Norwegian, too! "Glede." I like that.


I like that idea, Tracy and that you left yours in the library. I'm going to check out her project.


What a lovely idea.
A bit like Susanna Gordon's winger messengers
This sounds like something I'd enjoy.
I could launch them from the rooftop
here in Manhattan


This is a wonderful idea....And believe it or not, my daughter made 1000 paper cranes herself that are in a box in our basement. She read the book in sixth grade about a Japanese child who had cancer and requested that a thousand cranes be made and released. My Kathe couldn't part with hers then -- but maybe now she could join in and leave a few here, there and everywhere to spread some joy.

Ragna Shollenberger

Oh my, Tracy. Since I read your post I got the paper out and I've tried and I've tried....to make a decent bird.
I folded and unfolded, lost track of front and back, and folded all over again.
This poor little thing (I finally "created" my own version) will NEVER fly, but will, perhaps, be a joy to our 3 year old Sofie who thinks everything mormor does is great.

Wonderful post and thoughts, Tracy. Sending you love for all your acts of kindness and GLEDE...I am so grateful to be one of your many recipients.....

Anne Donald

What a lovely idea!! It has been very cold here today - winter has definitely arrived!! Have a good week, love Anne xx

S. Etole

My grandson enjoys origami ... yours is so serene.

tea time and roses

Hello Tracy,

Hope you enjoyed a beautiful weekend. What a very sweet idea. I love those little cranes. A sweet little message is a wonderful way to brighten someones day.:o) Enjoy a lovely week.




I missed world kindness day but I love catching up with everyone today. Makes me happy!


oh Tracy what an absolutely wonderful adventure..I hope that you hear back but even if you do not what a humble feeling to leave"glede" at your library~

I think your crane is just beautiful..like you!!
love the project!! go Sandy


Dear Tracy,
Your crane turned out perfectly! It's cool that you left a surprise at the library too!

Hugs to you
Hope you are feeling better today!


Origami is big here, I love them but never really tried anything. I love those cranes too...but yet to fold one myself. I love your version Tracy and it's good to raise all these awareness on the net, spread the love, joy and whole lotta of goodness. Will be thinking of you. Hugs...M


wow! I'm impressed with your bird. lovely. lovely project, too.

paz xoxoxo

Marilyn Miller

Tracy, I love your crane and where you left it. I also received the email, but have not at this point done this. I have butterflies I sometimes leave in places. They say "soar". I will have to think again on this. Thanks for your sharing.


Oh my goodness -- I have chills!!! This is just such a wonderful effort! I'm already scheming where the kids and I will leave our cranes. Thank you so much for sharing!


hi Tracy, isn't this project fab!!.. am hoping to release a few cranes too. i love your word JOY, my sister's middle name incidentally... i just bneeed to master making some cranes now ~ will check out your links.
blessings dear friend
Ginny xxx


hi Tracey, isn't this project fab!!.. am hoping to release a few cranes too. i love your word JOY, my sister's middle name incidentally... i just bneeed to master making some cranes now ~ will check out your links.
blessings dear friend
Ginny xxx

Kate England

Thank you for making me smile, again! With love! x


You do the most interesting, creative things.

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