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December 30, 2010



Dear Tracy, the Happiest Birthdays to you! 38 is a wonderful number! Your list is impressive and contains many wonderful goals!
I hope your day will be filled with love and cuddles from your dear husband and Charlie!

I remember 38 so well (though it seems ages ago... LOL), thinking about retraining myself and doing a qualification test to study at Art School, which study I started at 39. I really think life at 38/40 has a turning point. We become more at peace with ourselves.



P.S. I forgot to tell you you look stunning in that picture and so young!!


Happy Birthday to you!

I think you can cross some of those things off your list already....Things like "take really good photos" (your pictures are great, not just good) and swimming (I don't think you ever forget, just get out of practice). Then, there's the one that will probably never get crossed off -- "use up my craft stash." Haha.

Good luck with the list and may you feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment over the next two years.


Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday. May your dreams and wishes come true. That is an impressive list. If I may make a suggestion for number 10, Peter Reinhart's books on bread baking are excellent. I no longer buy bread.
That aside I wish you, your Husband and sweet little Charlie a Happy New Year! All the best in 2011.

Bumpkin Bears

Happy Birthday my friend. Just today I was thinking I must make a list for the coming year, it freaks me out sometimes just how fast time flies by! Love your list, ceramics is fantastic, I loved pottery when I did it years ago. Happy New Year to you both too. Big Hugs, Catherine xx


Oh Tracy, I am so happy I came to see you today. Happy, happy birthday dear Tracy. Your list is long and awesome to reflect on before your 40th birthday. You look adorable with your short haircut. Certainly not 38. I wish you happiness and good luck with your list of intended goals. Knowing you, you will do them all. I admire you my friend for all the wonderful things you do, even when there are times when you do not feel strong.
Warm hugs and love are sent to you today and always.
Jeanne xo


Happy Birthday!!! I wish you a happy, healthy and fun year!

Natalie VV

Happy Birthday!
You are a gift to this world... a light! And a delight!


Tracy, Happy Birthday! I hope you achieve all on your list and more. You don't look a day over 28 and I love your enthusiasm for life.

I should have started one of these. I turn 40 one week from today. I don't think I'll accomplish 40 things in 7 days. :)

But maybe I could shoot for 50 things before 50?

Love to you dear girl, and many happy returns of the day.

Gillian :)


Once more, a very happy birthday to one of the sweetest persons on Earth! ((((hugs))))


Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl.
Love you dearly, Momma


Have a lovely birthday! What a beautiful list =-)

ellen b

A very happy birthday to you you young thing you! I love the 40 before 40 idea. I'm going to have to be real quick to get 60 before 60 in (3months) LOL!


happy birthday!! and great list!


Happy Birthday, Tracy!! 38 years and 40 goals--so many of them resonate with me too.

May you accomplish all on your list in the next two years with joy and health!


A very happy birthday to you Tracy. That's a lovely photograph, I like the shorter hair!

I'm impressed by the 40 by 40 list and look forward to hearing how you do...bet you tick them all!

Have a great day, friend...


Happy Birthday Tracy!


Dearest Tracy, I love your list! It is full to the rim of endless possibilities and full of learnings. I wish you a very special day of celebrating with your loved ones. Happy Birthday


Awwww!!! Happy birthday, Tracy! What a great list. :)



Happy Birthday, Tracy. That is a great list you have. I know you will get them all done before 40 hits.


Happy Birthday dear Tracy . I love your list and I hope the coming year is the best ever for you.


Happy Birthday! I hope you manage all of your 40 aims - what a wonderful list.


Happy Birthday! Lots of love and hugs! :)


Best wishes for the your birthday Tracy!! Love your idea of a list - your list looks very inspiring. Hope you achieve your dreams and have lots of fun doing so.


Happy Birthday, and may many more come to you!

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