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January 03, 2011



I hope 2011 is good to you Tracy. I agree, 2010 had some very low points, as well as the good. I think I'll be striving for balance this year - in fact, that may be my word for 2011!


I don't really have a motto (maybe I'll borrow yours). I just hope to be able to enjoy the present and not worry so much about the future and the fact that my kids need me less and less as they grow up.

I hope you feel better in 2011....Not feeling well can drag you down in more ways than just the physical. Be sure to share your cooking endeavors -- I can use some kitchen inspiration.


Tracy! I'm wishing you that you may follow your inner voice. I so do hear you on many levels that you mention here. The health first, as it is the most important thing so that we can be here and enjoy live, so taking a good care of my health and the health of my family which brings me to - more yoga!, continuing to meditate on daily basis (I do feel its results), craft alone as it nourishes my spirit as well and crafting with my son (which we already do but there is never enough ideas :-) and spending less time on line ... I love you and my other friends and I love to chat with everyone but I realize that often I would go sleep too late or would skip yoga just to read all the blogs I could... and the result was an extreme fatigue. Not good for me, or for anyone else :-) ... The recipe looks delicious!!! Off I go to prepare things for dinner, most probably baked potatos, chicken meat and some steamed vegetables :-) Have a wonderful day dear Tracy and I'll keep in touch through mail later this week :-) big hugs and lots of love to you!

S. Etole

I hope this year will bring you much improvement in feeling well.


Boy does this post resonate with me re; your description of 2010. I was glad to leave it behind too.

As for 2011, I have no motto. I would love to adopt yours but I wouldn't be able to do it justice as I rush to work and try to balance home commitments. (My work commitments will increase in 2011 due to significant changes at my firm; I'm not sure where I'll be going work-wise in 2011).

Here's to the challenges and joys that will come in 2011! Happy new year!

Anne Donald

Hi Tracy, like you, I need to work on my health this year. I think my motto for this year could be 'set realistic goals' ..... to take time to enjoy doing things, instead of trying to meet a self-imposed deadline. Do take care of yourself, love Anne x


I so know that "I didn't get enough done" feeling. I'm going to try and slow down a bit this year too. "You can do anything but not everything!"


Hi Tracy, I love your motto for 2011. It fits perfectly for what you wish to accomplish in the new year.

If I had to choose a word for this year it would be 'Sufficient'.


I wish you a wonderful and fulfilling 2011 Tracy! I eat vegetarian only because it is good. But we also eat meat. Whatever we eat it is prepared from totally fresh ingredients which I find it the key to eating well and healthy. We also find as we get older, we eat less large portions listening to our bodies. Enjoy cooking and it will reflect in the taste of your food.

Hugs from Holland ~


I am right there with you in the nutrient thing. As part of my word (trust), I am going to learn to eat meat. As much as I could be a vegetarian, my body could not be - and I have spent years ignoring its needs. This year, I am trusting that it would not ask for (red) meat if it really didn't need it, and I will figure out how to eat it regularly. I wish us both luck. :)


You seem to be on the road to recovery and living Slow and Well, after the roller coaster 2010 was for you, is a very wise decision.
For this 2011 year just beginning, the word I have chosen is BELIEVE. I am learning to believe, in my own abilities to create the life I am dreaming of. I am believing it is possible, to succeed in doing what I love...
We'll see what happens.
I love the mindfulness of your days, my very
sweet friend.
May this New year fill you up with restorative energy and peace of mind :-)


These sound good Tracy, and strike a chord with me too. I have been pondering whether to have a word as I have not done that before-but I am going to give it a go. Mine is 'focus' and has similarities to your motto-the more I have been thinking about it. One of the things I am prone to is leaping into lovely sounding ideas-online courses, parties and challenges, but not necessarily then enjoying it as the process of preparing(to a perfectionist control freak like me-it is sadly there in my nature!) is too stressful, thus making the actual event a pain rather than a pleasure. So along with my feeling the need to focus on a strand of my interests and pursue it for a while, I have also decided to hang back and not join in something unless I really want to and am sure I can commit the time without feeling stressed. My comment has turned into a monster-sorry about that! I hope 2011 is a great year for you and you feel the benefits of your new found slowness and wellness! x

ellen b

Good idea about having a motto. I'm still working on mine! :o)


I think my idea for this year is "Less is more," or something to that effect. I love your phrase. I just feel such an overwhelming need to slow down, weed out the superfluous, and just be present. 2010 was a year of such extremes; I am glad to welcome 2011. The recipe photo in your post is so amazing and I was excited to see it, thinking, "that would be a good veggie meal," not realizing you were vegetarian. We are, DD and I, and I am always on the lookout for good, nourishing vegetarian meals. DH is not, so it is always a challenge finding meals that can be adapted to all of us at the same time, without too much work, and without leaving out essential nutrients to satisfy one or the other ends of our eating spectrum.


I love this philosophy Tracy. It's so easy to get overwhelmed with doing that we forget to just be. I'm also wanting to eat better and practice yoga regularly ... something I just couldn't keep up with in 2010. Happy New Year! xo


Simplify, accept, listen to the world...deeply, focus.


Live Slow, Live Well is an excellent statement for 2011. Something we can all incorporate.
My word is Creativity for 2011. I want just let loose and let my creativity out and speak. Here's to the best for both of us in 2011.


A very good phrase. Isn't it interesting we can take care of others and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. I am trying to pay attention each morning as I step into the shower to enjoy the pleasure of the water running over me. My word is Believe.


Happy New Year Tracy! I'm definitely working on de-cluttering this year and moving forward on my Great Yard Project.


Tracy, You are in my prayers, and I pray that you are truly able to live slow, and live well this year. <3


Happy New Year! I've been trying to make my rounds but stopped mid-way down my list yesterday. I'm sooo glad you came to visit OY.

I know what you mean about not being 100% because of colds, etc. Stress brings our immune systems down and I know you know that. I'm starting the new year off with a light body detox and feel good about it.

I'm pretty much a raw foodist and I tell you up until I began incorporating a lot of fatty cooked foods in my diet, I did not get sick. But, like you, I'm back on track.

My meditation and prayer life are the center of my Being and I wish I can spend all of my time there. But, then it ends up being a romance instead of putting the God's priniciples into action.

I stand with you in wholness, health, completeness, confidence, strength, love, peace, prayer and meditation that you are the divine expression of GOOD! I see all GOOD in your life right now. Everything - The Universe is working on your behalf. I see the same for your father! I'm smiling with you my friend.


That risotto looks AMAZING! And I love your motto for the year. Last year I feel like I really started to get lost. Not remembering what's important, not taking the time to enjoy the things that I have, worrying about things that didn't deserve my worry...I just feel like this year I am going grow even more as a person and learn more about myself and how to live a life that brings me peace and happiness.


My wish and prayer is that your health challenges will be overcome. ((hugs))
Taking control of our health is something I wish to pay more attention too. All too often quick meals overtake due to laziness or tiredness. My words for this year are...be wise (hopefully in as many areas as possible). :)

Ragna Shollenberger

I have always said that I love to BE in the moment, rather than DO the distractions that always come.
Your words are inspiring me to continue in that mode which would include taking the time for family and my dear friends. To BE with them is an essential ingredient in my life; it fuels me, it nourishes me and it is so inspiring. Like this morning when I met two good girlfriends for coffee. We were in the moment...


Dearest sweeet tracy, such a wonderful way to start the new year and a wonderful reminder to all of us to slow down and live well! Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year sweet friend! Thanks so much for all the love, support and blessing you sent my way ~ always! I am looking forward to sharing more adventures with you this year! Love to you and yours!

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