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January 03, 2011



Your words in my comments the other day brightened my day. It is a high honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I love her writings especially a Gift From the Sea. I continually come back to it year after year.


Happy new year Tracy, all the very best for 2011. I too have some 'health' goals, not just physical health but healthy practices in all areas of my life. I am just getting over the shock of being back at work, ugh! I must get myself together to get my first post of for the year, or it will never happen.


Tracy, your risotto verde looks fabulous and healthy too. I hope that this year brings lots of improvements for you in the area of health and well being and that you are able to reach your goals. I have goals too, one being to get healthier, both physically and spiritually. I love your new photo. You are such a pretty woman. I consider you one of my treasures. I truly value your friendship and love you very much. Here's to a bright 2011 for both of us! xxoo


Happy New Year Tracy and to your dear husband and Charlie too. We do seem to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and it's good to slow down. My intention this year is to be myself and like being me. I must start healthy eating soon, but there is so much Christmas food, cakes, biscuits, cheese, to finish first, maybe next month.

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

You have a wonderful motto, Tracy! I've always loved the motto "Live well, laugh often, love much" although these days it has become somewhat of a cliche because of overuse. I think it succinctly states the goals of the way I've been trying to live my life. The "live well" portion reminds me to enjoy all I have around me, both the big and the little things. The road ahead of me is shorter than the road behind me, so I try not to delay joy, as much as I am able, and I try not to stress over things I have no control over. I try to avoid negative people and to show love and attention to those who matter the most to me.
I am also trying to eat more sustainably this year --more locally grown fruits and vegetables, etc.
Your risotto looks delicious! Legumes are an excellent source of iron, so eat lots of them, too, if you can!

♥ Pat

tea time and roses

Lovely sentiments dear Tracy. Simplicity has always been a good thing in my life. As I read your post, I thought of the beautiful poem "slow dance". It speaks of slowing our lives and enjoying each moment, a good thing indeed. Wishing you nothing but the very best in 2011 dear friend.




Dear Tracy, I jus got back from vacation yesterday - back to snowy weather. I too had challenges for 2010 and I definitely feel 2011 will be easier, wonderful, more peaceful. My word is 'being' no struggle just receiving good and living life:)

Angel Hugs,


i love this . linked in my post friday with a big hug..you inspire me tracy


Dear Tracy, I hope 2011 will bring you much health, joy and happiness with both your families! I hope you will be able to slow down! Take care dear friend!


The risotto looks absolutely marvelous!

I love your mantra for the new year, Tracy! All my best wishes for a healthy, happy, s-l-o-w 2011.


Tracy, these posts I missed are gold. Yes, I do the detox too. Sure helps with energy and digestion. Plus talking about slow food... yum. Greens make such a difference in the diet. Thanks for your thoughts on going slower. My word for the year is "decide."

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