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January 07, 2011



My mornings start with a fresh cup of tea and some slices of wholebread or yoghurt with fresh fruits. That’s because every morning I start with good intentions to eat healthy. I’ve never tried detoxes or cleanses, maybe iot’s time I should because I cure the Winter blues by eating chocolate and listening to my favourite music.


Hmmm, I'm afraid I've gone back to espresso first thing and then black tea with rose in it - I have Twining's Rose Garden but a friend told me it's very similar to rose pouchong.

And lots and lots of rooibos for the rest of the day! Your chai does sound delicious though.

Becky K.

My oldest son love Chai Tea. I haven't tried it. But, I am pretty much a cold drink person. The occasional specialty coffee drink or cup of tea with a friend suit me just fine. Its a social thing.

Your bowl of spices is beautiful.



Tracy, that sounds wonderful. The tea you made and the detox you will make :-) It sounds like a reasonable detox. As you said many of the detox that are out there leave one feeling just exhausted instead of rejuvanated ... Nettle tea is very good to clean the blood in the body, I already started to drink two cups a day and now I even like it ;-) And more yoga! I hear you there! Me too!!! I'm becoming addicted again :-) but I only can practice really well when my son sleeps so I'm a bit limited. Nevertheless I'm loving it! but there is less time for me to be online but it's a choice that I'm making... have a wonderful week end and a great detox! Will be thinking of you next week :-) lots of love!

Lisa Q

I love a cup of coffee in the morning. I'm trying to keep it to one each morning and an occasional treat in the afternoon. Your tea sounds wonderful. I love a good creamy cup of chai.


Your spice picture is so appealling....You make me want to root around in my spice cabinet and see what combinations I can put together -- just to display! I'm not a tea drinker (unless you count Snapple). My mornings consist of a tall glas of orange juice to get me going. Everyone at my office thinks I'm a little weird because I don't drink hot liquids.


I'm a daily tea drinker too, except I love green tea :)


My morning routine is usually a cup or two of green tea. Caffeine tends to make me jumpy but the green tea I drink must have less of it. Your chai concoction looks so pretty.

I can imagine with the darkness and cold, your winters can feel blue. Here, winters aren't overly wet and we get some of the cleanest air and bluest skies. Plus, January is typically a very busy month for me (at work, resuming activities after the Christmas/New year holidays, etc.).

Hope your detox works for you, Tracy. You eat so healthfully, I'm surprised you have any "tox" to "de"!


I have to tell you... I popped over here to say a quick hello before picking up my kids. And, literally, I saw your face in the right-hand corner and grinned. Happy new year, my friend. May it bring you everything you dream of.


I don't have a set morning ritual. But I have grown to love green tea, and it would be really nice to make that a morning ritual. ..It's a nice night time sort-of-ritual for me now. I've thought of trying to do some kind of detox type thing, but I would have to look into it more since I know practically nothing about it. ;)

S. Etole

That makes such a serene image ... good way to begin the day.


Hello Tracy, What lovely posts here in this new year of 2011. I just love the new photo of you! Such a kind, generous face and twinkling eyes, about to get even more twinkly with all that detoxing and chai tea I suspect!!
My routine is a glass of water on rising, then a cup of ordinary breakfast tea with my porridge and around mid morning I love a cup of coffee. At the moment I am still enjoying th pumpkin spice latte coffee my friend sent me from the US (I also love the French Vanilla in that line too). I occasionally have a cup of Chai Tea which is very fragrant and soothing. I think hot soup and homemade bread gets rid of the winter blues for me. Have a great weekend.


My mornings always start with a mug of green tea and a glass of smoothie!!!! For me.... just perfect! Have a great weekend. Ros


Dear Tracey I am finally doing some catching up! I will be spending less time on line in this new year in order to "embrace" each day more fully...That means less commenting but I will be catching up now and then!

You have almost enticed me away from my morning cup of coffee...but I just adore the taste and smell of it so I will stick to coffee in the morning and tea at night:)

May your new Year be all you dream of!

Ragna Shollenberger

This sound so delicious, Tracy. I love Chai Tea, but don't treat myself to it very often. Must follow the recipe and make some for myself and friends.
Happy cozy times to you.


I don't enjoy drinking Chai tea ~ but I love the scent and I slather on a cream in that fragrance and love it!

Your detox/cleanse program sounds very much like something I should do but I lack the discipline when work is a bear and unfortunately that's life right now. I wish I could vicariously be detoxed - LOL

I enjoy morning the most too. I begin the day with a jog and then walking Simcha followed by a cup of coffee and breakfast which is my homemade granola mixed with yogurt.

I hope you have an easy and enjoyable detox/cleanse, my friend.


I have had chai tea made for me in the traditional way by an Indian friend, and I am a bit addicted to Starbucks chai tea latte. I have bought chai teabags but have not tried to make my own. You have inspired me! My morning routine is tea here at home, not often breakfast-even though I know this is bad I can't quite face it. Then after setting up at work I have a coffee. I admire your choice to detox-I think that would be good for me but I am not sure if I have the will power as I love my coffee and tea. I hope it goes well for you! x


I'm struggling with month 3 so far of my detox. Christmas was hard to do and I did reasonably well with the diet but too much cheating. Once you are a detox cheater, are you always a detox cheater? Still, you provided me some inspiration. I am still waiting for the surge of energy that is supposed to come with detoxifying...


a lovely cup photo .. coffee and tea both for me ..i read the recipe for the chai ..it has some ingredients that surprised me!!


i drink my tea with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. sweetened, but without milk. soooooooo good!

Anne Donald

My morning starts with a bowl of cereal or porridge, then a very large mug of tea, which is half 'ordinary' tea and half Earl Grey (with milk). I'm not a fan of detoxing - I would rather eat and drink in moderation, than cut whole food groups out of my diet (unless it was on medical grounds) - I think the more you restrict your diet, the more chance there is that you are missing out on essential nutrients - and you are more likely to cheat!
Take care of yourself, love Anne x


Dearest sweet tracy, that cup of tea looks yummie! I am a morning person too and i really enjoy slow weekend mornings with nothing to do but just to sip on my coffee and enjoy the morning view. Oh and your detox/cleanse diet for next week sounds wonderful...i think i need one of these programs too! Wishing you a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Tracy!
I love chai tea! I buy Celestial Seasonings brand that is all natural and made in Colorado. I usually drink tea in the afternoon and evening, preferable herbal teas that have no caffeine.
In the morning I like a jolt of caffeine, however, so I have a cup or two of coffee with breakfast.
The only "cleanses" I've done was pre colonoscopy test one ...lol! I do try to eat a lot of fiber like whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables which are good for digestion and I drink plenty of water.

My favorite ways to beat the winter blues is to go somewhere new in the city and walk around and discover new things! I visit museums,food markets, a new library, or new stores. I also love to bake or make a new recipe for a soup. I also like to read through a stack of magazines and dream :)

♥ Pat


I koppen min om morgenen er det Nespressolatte med soyamelk ♥ Den drikker jeg på tbanen på vei til jobb, sammen med en god bok :O) Utover morgenstell og påkledning på vei ut døren er dette mitt morgenrituale.

Hvordan holde vintermelankoline under kontroll? hmmm, mye stoffer i gode farger, stillhet, ro, mye gå/Løpeturer i skogen♥ Helt klart viktig å være kreativ, så tid til dette må prioriteres :O)

Detox er noe jeg ikke gjør jevnlig ;O) men prøver å holde en noegelunde fornuftig diett i det daglige, med nok grønnsaker og fiber, samt vann ♥ Frokosten består hver dag av hjemmelaget frokostblanding.

Ønsker dere en fortreffelig søndagskveld♥

klem fra Yvonne

Kate England

Your chai tea mixture looks beautiful and delicious! I tend to wake up over a latte, or two. Then in the afternoon and evening I drink tea, green or black. Good luck with your detox! xo

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