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January 21, 2011


Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

What exciting news Tracy! I look forward to seeing all your new ETSY shop offerings!

My husband and I usually don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, as we show our love for each other every day, but I was thrilled to see some relics of the real St. Valentine displayed in a church in Ireland a few years ago. They were a gift from There was a book on his shrine and visitors wrote their love requests inside.


They were a gift to that church from a bishop in Rome.

I love your Valentine banner! It is so festive and pretty!


Tracy, I am very excited about your new shop! You have such a creative and giving soul, which needs an outlet to express itself on. That is what I view my own shop as. It is nice when I sell something, but it is also nice to just have a place to display what I create, and if someone chooses to buy something I have made, then that is the icing on a very lovely cake! Love your love banner! It's pretty and unique and your winner will be very lucky indeed! For Valentines day this year I am working on a special project which I hope to show off soon!! You'll have to watch out for it! Have a lovely weekend my dear friend! I do hope you are well on the mend now! ((((hugs)))) xxoo Luv u!


Such un expected but exciting news Tracy! A Yoga inspired etsy shop! I can’t wait to see what you will be offering. The items will no doubt be very elegant and Zen! Love the name PranaLight!

We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day, but I remember receiving a Valentines card from my husband when he was on a business trip in the US and surrounded by Valentine celebrations. He often shows he loves me and often buys me lovely presents and flowers, so I really don’t need a Valentines day... LOL!

Your banner is very sweet!

Fingers crossed for you getting better soon!! Hugs)))


That is fantastic news!!! May your love flags bring joy to many...can't wait for the grand opening.

one love.

Natalie VV

This is so exciting. It's great to go back and try something again, especially when you have new ideas and a fresh perspective about how you want to approach it. I am looking forward to seeing your new shop.
Darn these colds and ailments... we have been plagued too, and I know very well how disheartening it can be, how much it can derail plans. Let's shake these cooties off and reclaim our time and energy!!
Your love banner is really sweet, and original. What fun. My best Valentine memories are probably from childhood... seeing the classroom decorated, and anticipating those little cards and treats, always gave me a thrill!
Healing (((hugs))) for you dear friend.


I'm really pleased that you are opening up your shop again, I wish you success but more importantly pleasure from this. Such a sweet banner, it is so you somehow, I hope you will be making more for your new venture. Now you know Mr FF and I don't do Valentines, two down to earth Yorkshire folk like us who have been together for 45 years, isn't that romance enough.


I am so happy that you are sharing your creative spirit again through a shop. My sets of earring are so very precious that you made - I cherish them !

Valentine flag set is simply too dear !

So very happy that you are feeling better, Tracy - your spirit and blog are essential daily reads of mine

Columbia SC


my most cherished Valentine moment is when my husband asked me to marry him 33 years ago =}


Tracy, this is so wonderful, your love flags shine the love out of them ... what a generous and fun giveaway :-) I'm afraid I cannot share any memory as we don't really celebrate Valentine's day with F. Nevertheless I like every celebration about Love ... :-)
Have a wonderful weekend, big hugs dear one!


Thanks for your visit. I would love to win this Love Flag charmer. Congratulations on opening on etsy. I am sure you will let us know when it is officially open.


Good morning! Your cold has certainly been a 'doozie' hanging on as it has for so long and with such great tenacity. The new etsy shop sounds much more like 'you', Tracy and I think it will be more fun for you to manage. Hmmmm, Valentine's Day memories--the Professor and I don't celebrate the day much, preferring to celebrate our love every day. However I do fondly recall the year when we first moved back to the area where my parents lived and they treated us to a restaurant dinner with them and other friends.


As soon as I hit the publish button, I decided I wanted to share one more Valentine's Day moment. The day now has more significance to me because my most precious daughter-in-law's birthday is February 14! She's a Valentine's Day blessing!


Great to hear that you are recovering Tracy. Good luck with PranaLight. With a differnt mind set it will be a different experience.


The banner!!! Tracy!!! What a marvelous idea!!! I might have to make something similar that my kids can wake up to on Valentine's morning!

I love the Valentine's Day traditions that my husband and I have started with the kids. They wake up to a trail of paper hearts that leads them to the table where we have set up some goodies.


Awesome! Can't wait to see the new shop!


Lovely flag idea. Did you do the embroidery by hand or does your new machine do it?
Feel better soon.


love flags. what a fantastic idea xxx love them xxx


This is such a cute idea, Tracy :). I'm excited to hear about your new Etsy shop!

I hope you are feeling better, and enjoy a lovely weekend!


What an adorable flag! I love Valentine's Day, perhaps because my mother loves holidays and always did something special for each one. My favorite thing was baking heart-shaped cookies with her, and I continued this tradition with my own daughter.

And who doesn't love decorating with hearts!


Love! It!

Paz (excited about your new etsy store!)


The best things in life are those when we simply follow the light that leads us there. I wish you success with your new Etsy shop. Most of all, I wish you pure enjoyment in all you create.

Glad you hear you are better. Sorry to hear you were sick but then again a day lounging is comfy PJs with Charlie is never all that bad. :-) By the way, I have been teaching myself to crochet and am making my very first granny square afghan this year. You can catch a little glimpse on my other blog.

Hugs from Holland ~


Soi good to hear that you are beginning to feel a little better. Your new shop sounds very exciting. My loveliest Valentine gift has to be the lovely Oscar, who came home to us on Saturday, 13th February 2010. He has brought so much love and fun. Have a good weekend. Ros and Oscar


So glad you are feeling a little better!
What charming love flags --yes I know Tibetan prayer flags and they are such a wonderful idea.
Charlie looks as if he was a good friend to you when you weren't well!
Buster joins me in wishing yu a happy weekend.


What a delightful love banner Tracy! Just gorgeous. And what exciting news. I am so glad we shall be able to see more of your handiwork on display in your new Etsy shop.

For a number of years while my daughters were either here or at university, I made cinnamon heart cookies and wrapped them in red cellophane bags with ribbon and those who were here (plus hubby of course) had them at breakfast and those who were away got them in the post!


I LOVE your Valentine Love Flags :))) I have recently discovered banners and had one hanging over the Christmas holiday that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Congratulations on opening your new Etsy shop!!! I love your new theme and am excited for you ~

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