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February 07, 2011



What a sweet little area you have carved out for yourself. I've always loved arranging and re-arranging my workspace, so mine is always in flux. It's nice that you have little knick-knacks from people who are near and dear to you.


Hmm, I don't have a special corner but this makes me want one!


Love your corner (especially the mug and hello kitties), but as my corners are a bit dusty at the moment, I think I'll forgo photographing them!
; )

p.s. I tried to research that flower on my blog. I think it's some kind of blooming succulent, but I can't find the name!


how lovely, no I can imagine you in your special corner x

ellen b

What a fun corner. My corners are not as charming as this :o)


Tracy, I loved seeing this special spot in your days. Your Mrs. Darcy mug gave me a big smile, and you know I love seeing spots of pink.


Thanks for sharing this corner, Tracy. I'm always intrigued by what others have on their desks. I spend a lot of time at my desk too and I love having little things around to perk and remind me of other matters other than work. :)


Thank you for the mention, your desk scene is so pleasant. I absolutely love the Mrs. Darcy mug. It is funny how something like a desk arrangement can catch ones attention. Now I am inspired for a bit of a rearrangement. Also I like the idea of a gratitude journal. An inspiring post. Have a great week Tracy.


Your Mrs. Darcy mug is killing me. I love that!!

Angela Bell

Hi Tracy,I love your desk space, Terri Windling whose blog I follow ,look on my blog for the link is also doing pieces on desks and workspaces.She is a writer who lives on Dartmoor in Devon and has an interesting Blog.I will get myself together and take a pic of my desk soon LOL Angela


Tracy I am so glad to see this day planner again, it had your name written all over it and I am glad you are using it daily. I love this idea of sharing your corner of the world with us. Beautiful, :-)

S. Etole

such pretty pink roses in the background ...

Anne Donald

What a lovely space to work in!


I shall see you there in my mind's eye now, Tracy...always nice to be able to picture where people live and work ... thank you for sharing your creative space.


Such a charming corner ~ lovely photo! I'm not at all surprised that this space makes you smile and encourages creativity :)


I love your Mrs. Darcy mug, it made me smile. I also think hello kitty is so cute! Thanks for sharing your little corner.


It seems we have similar wishes for our immediate spaces Tracy. I have lovely containers to hold pens etc-my favourite is one I got on holiday in Scotland a few years ago. I too have postcards and mementoes-and letter holders! The challenge is keeping it vaguely tidy!
Thanks for you comments on Love-I agree!


Your desk is far more tidy and ordered than mine. I see scraps of paper and used napkins and two mugs and several books.
I ADORE your Mrs. Darcy mug. It's an usual shape.
Last night my daughter was watching Pride and Prejudice and I ended up snuggling up with her and watching the second half -- always satisfying!

Lisa Q

this is wonderful...love getting a peek into your world. other than the pink I would not have pegged you as a hello kitty lover. so fun to find that out. I'll be peeking around the house looking for a corner to share.


What a delightful corner Tracy! Very pink and neat and very you! I daren't show you either of my desks (work or craft) as both are rather messy at the moment with lots of stuff going on. Love the mug and am a BIG fan of Mr Darcy!!


Hi Tracy, Thank you for the e-card -- that was very sweet of you to remember my birthday!

Gallery Juana

I've been slowly giving my desk/workspace more of my personality. There is one wall left to personalize.

Sweet story about the Darcy cup. You have hello kitty, I have doraemon:)

Once I get the wall done, I'll give everyone a glimpse.

Your yearly book sounds like a great way to keep notes on your daily happenings and gain some inspiration at the same time.


I love that you have sweet little reminders of your loved ones so close at hand!


it is very tidy..is it always like that? I love all the little knick knacks too..I will do that ..first i need to straiten it up!! :))

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Your desk is so organized, Tracy! I would have to deep clean mine before I could show it on my blog :D
I love your mug!
♥ Pat

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