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March 25, 2011



I am so impressed with your sketch. It is beautiful.


I will be joining in with Earth hour tomorrow too.
Your Earth Mandala is beautiful, such pretty colours full of light & hope. I love Faber-Castell Pitt Pens, we always have them in the house, I just love writing with them I think they are my favourite pen. (If someone really should have a favourite pen!!! *giggle*)
Happy Weekend pretty.


Beautiful mandala. I am looking forward to earth hour. It is something I observe almost fanatically. There are a number of candlelight walks planned in the city. I hope more people participate this year than last. Have a peaceful weekend Tracy.


i have so missed my visits here and will gladly participate, I so relish moments in candlelight .. and the earth we live on !! the mandala is just so creative and has a very special feel to it...as your art ALWAYS does


So beautifully sketched, Tracy! I am joining you this Saturday for the Earth Hour, and praying and meditating for love and safety for all of my fellow human beings.
We ARE the earth's caretakers, Thank you for reminding us.

S. Etole

Yes, your sketch makes me want to see more of your artwork.


We will be joining you here in Willow's Cottage. I like the idea of just keeping the candles burning!


Lovely and expressive sketch Tracy. I love your writing too-beautiful!
I will try to celebrate Earth hour if not tomorrow night then some time thins weekend. Have a lovely one! x


I love your ideas. What a wonderful list.


Hi Tracy, I am definitely doing earth hour. What a great opportunity to burn romantic candles and maybe even some wonderfully scented ones :) Hope you have a great weekend. I am off to visit my parent on Vancouver Island next week, can't wait. Hugs.


A beautiful mandala! Thanks for the reminder for the Earth Hour. We took part last year and I will remind my family again for this year.


Such a lovely drawing... and thanks for the reminder.


Love the mandala Tracy! Beautiful colours and theme. I will be sitting here with candles right along with you! What a lovely thought! xxoo


Hello dear Tracy, You have been on my mind so much lately. I have missed you and I have only to blame myself. I truly do not want to let us fade apart. I'm trying to hang on. I can understand why people stop blogging but I don't want to give up. So here I am and I sure picked a good day to say hello. I am all for Earth Hour and Bill and I are going to do just that. I will pray for the sadness and hardships people are suffering in Japan now and in other parts of the world. Your list is a great reminder to include in our time of meditation.

Your art Mandala is beautiful Tracy. You are so creative in everything you do.

Thank you for this lovely reminder of Earth Hour today. It is good to listen to our intuitions and I did just that today. Smile.
Warm hugs,


Hi Tracy! Wishing that more us of will indeed be good stewards of what has been given to us. Love the art supplies shop you visited earlier. Happy weekend! xox

Kate England

Happy Earth Hour, Tracy! I LOVE your mandala!!!


You are such an artistic soul! Always using that soft palatte that is so distinctively you! You are spreading a good message here.


A very heartwarming sketch.

I saw it advertised in Holland but not in the UK.

I think I'm now up to date in Blogland. :-) Got loads of news and pics!


A beautiful post and sentiment and I think your sketch is beautiful, meaningful and filled with whimsy. So happy to see you exploring your art with spirit.


You are so very artistic Tracy! I knew you were crafty but painting/drawing is a very different discipline and you have a gift.

This is a lovely post and so heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and inspiring us to think about our impact on this world.

PS love your flat candle ~


I somehow missed it, though when it happened, I was reading in my bedroom so only my bedroom light was on and the heat was off. I guess I did ok, considering.

Your mandala makes me feel so happy and hopeful! I love it!


Your mandala is beautiful Tracy! We had a very peaceful Earth Hour. Candle light can be so wonderfully soothing.

Have a good week my friend!

Hugs, Pat

Gallery Juana

Beautiful mandala. Your colors are vibrant and your calligraphy is perfect.

I always miss earth hour, but I guess I can observe it at anytime. Sitting quietly for an hour with candlelight sounds like a good way to come back to myself.

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce is such an important practice. I think my Mother's generation respected that rule but my generation on to the current one tends to be wasteful. I'm trying to not buy much and just use what I have now.


That is such a happy mandala! I love it. Thank you for this post although I'm sad I got confused about the dates. I thought it was in April... still the point is to be conscious about it and I can still do that.

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