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April 28, 2011



We certainly are tuning in tomorrow. With two little girls how could we be in anything other than a state of high excitement about a new princess?!


Hi Tracy, LOVE-ly pictures! I hope to tune in on the Royal Weddig tomorrow as well! So, let’s find the tissue boxes!


What a love-erly walk!

I think tomorrow we might go to the lakes with the canoes and pop in to Grassmere.


Tracy! it's beautiful :-) just today I thought about you in a tea shop. They had the most gorgeous mug with happy warm colorful heart all over it. I was in love with it, imagining how I sip my coffee or tea out of it, the knitting in the basket next to it ... but the price was just a bit too much for my budget so ... but it made me smile. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Enjoy watching the royal wedding. We travel on Sunday for the physio therapy check up and I'm so very sorry that I didn't manage to get to write a little mail. However you are in my thoughts and after our return I'll write more ... sending much much much LOVE your way dear friend!!


The wedding starts in the wee hours of the morning here. I will catch up later. A beautiful set of photos. I used to collect hearts and objects with heart motifs.

Kate England

Lovely and imaginative signs of love, Tracy! You have the warmest heart! :) Also happy to hear that there IS some secret knitting going on at the Pink Purl! With lots of love! xo


Oh Tracy these are beautiful photos and I love the heart-shaped rock. So perfect! Hope you have having a great week. The weekend is almost here :) Hugs!


Definitely am watching the wedding! Will set my alarm so as to not miss a moment =-)


Hi dear Tracy,
What lovely pictures and lovely post. For sure tomorrow I am tuning to watch the Royal Wedding. :) I cannot wait to see Catherine going down the aisle.
Thank you for your comment over my blog. You always so sweet.
Lots of love and hugs,

Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

I love how you captured the light between the trees, enjoy watching the royal wedding. I'll be sure to stop by during the week-end as well :-)

ellen b

Yes, we'll be watching here too! Have fun!


I want to watch the wedding! It's so early here though, 4 am I think is when it all gets started, so we'll see if I wake up or not.

S. Etole

the love in your heart shows so well ...

Anne Donald

Super pictures! I will be doing my best to avoid the wedding - apart from seeing what the dress is like! Love Anne x


LOVEly photos, Tracy! I'm back online for a few hours and then gone again for a couple of days. Enjoy the exciting weekend! Sending love and hugs to you,


Love that light through the trees, AND your new profile photo... you look gorgeous! Short hair is just a great look for you.


I LOVE this post!!!! How sweet to see the heart in the path you two walked ~ and all around you.

I won't be around this weekend to see what you are celebrating but I'll check in later to hear about it!

No wedding watching for me. Slaving away at the computer :(

Enjoy ~ hope you drank tea and ate scones as you watched - LOL


Love these images! Enjoy the wedding and have a good weekend! ; )


Hi tracy :) I am so looking forward to this..I even took leave for this event. Cant wait to see the dress. Happy weekend Tracy..hugs/M


So many lovely heart-y scenes. Makes me think it's February! Hugs to you, Tracy.


I am exhausted but I watched it! Hope you enjoyed the wedding too!


"Love"ly pictures. I just knew you would be watching the wedding. You're definitely a romantic at heart. Wasn't Catherine just beautiful? I didn't get up super-early and I could only watch for a bit before heading to work, but it looked very dreamy and fairy-tale like.


all you need is love x

S. Etole

It was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it?! A fairy tale come true.

tea time and roses

Wishing you and your dear husband a beautiful weekend Tracy!:o) Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.:o)

By the way, I am loving your new photo, just beautiful!



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