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April 01, 2011



Of course I love your tea cozy. Love red accents in the kitchen. I have red accents too. I should get that cozy pattern for the knitter in my family, my daughter, with a hint for red.

I did read your whole post. Good luck with the kitchen remodel and healing of the tendonitis. My back has been bothering me lately and I think it is also too much computer time.

I like your Pink Purl, as I think of all the thought that come your way as you knit one, purl one. But if you moved I would move along with you. I am all for change too sometimes. Take care!


5 years of blogging !!! Wow! I am impressed! I plod along with irregular posting & even more irregular visits to other blogs. I understand about your pain. Seems like pain, creating & sewing seems to go together :( .
Happy days & warm wishes from Dubai !


I like that tea cosy. Yes I am still reading. Your blog is one of the first ones I discovered, then I lost track and found you again, I have been visiting since. I love it here. Blogs like life do evolve, it is interesting to share the journey with bloggers. If you change sites I will join you. And wow five years of blogging, super. Have a good weekend. Cheers


Five years already! Time flies when you are knitting, crafting, and nosing about with your camera :-) I hope you'll take all the rest you need to keep your tendinitis from worsening -- but I wish there were something that would actually solve it for you. Anyway, enjoy your kitchen (and blog???) renovations! That's the kind of change I like.


Yes Tracy I'm still reading and will continue to do so wherever you go. I feel for your hands and arms and I hope they get much better. Less-computer time is a great therapy :) Sometimes I wish I don't have to spend so much time working on a pc but instead do real manual work. Happy weekend!


5 years is a long time! and i am sorry to hear about your tendonitis.

as for changes in the horizon ... there are some big changes that i want to make, but i am not sure if i have the courage to do so. so right now, i have a lot of thinking to do.


ouch hope the tendonitis clears up soon, perhaps some tea in that gorgeous tea cosy as a bloggiversary celebration will help it feel better, take care xxx

Sherry Smyth

Sorry to hear that the tendonitis is traveling it's way up your arm...that is so debilitating!!

5 years is a long journey and one that has held many experiences for you and you have traveled from being "just" about your knitting (and purling!). As P.K. said, blogs evolve and take on their own shape. And we evolve as well. Heaven knows I've had a number of incarnations blog-wise since I started in 2007 and I see each blog as "where I am" in my life. I know you will do what feels right for you.

As for tea time and your cozy -- it's so cute and red accessories are just so much fun!


Lol~ we brilliant minds think alike as you know since you just read my post ;) You've expressed some of what has been bouncing around in my brain since last night.

For me, I think of Pink Purl as 'you'. The fact that you post about much more than knitting isn't significant to me. If all you wrote about was knitting, well, I'd enjoy it, but other readers might be bored after a bit. I like your blog name just fine :)

Lisa Q

I love your tea cosy. I wish I drank tea more so I could justify making one. :) I think it is great that your blog changes as you do too. Stagnant lives are quite dead and to have your blog reflect you is the perfect thing. Take care of your wrists and hands and stay off that computer. It's so not worth it! Your health is much more important than regular posting or photo editing. (sorry I started sounding like I was your mom there...:))

Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

Your blog what ever it become, will always be part of my favourite read, and should reflect who you are so if you fill the need to change the look, the name and the content, please do. Your warmth and sweetness transpires through your words and I believe all your friends will follow you and you might even win new ones.
Hmm, I did not know I was going write such a long comment ;-) Have a great week-end


1. Love the tea cosy. Love that raspberry color, and I think a flower on the top would be yummy!

2. Your blog is a reflection of you. Why shouldn't the topics change over time?

3. Do you have a good acupuncturist or a really good massage therapist in your town? I've had that same problem with tendonitis, really badly in the past, and both massage and acupuncture have helped. Sometimes they make a small adjustment at the elbow and everything gets better, sometimes they massage the muscles in the forearm. I've been told that some people think they need carpal tunnel surgery, when really they just need some adjustment or massage. It's worth a try, anyway.


I think if you feel like changing it, it should change! Identity isn't always a static thing. I hope your wrists feel better!


Oh, poor you with the tendonitis. It is appallingly painful and so frustrating. I knew mine was bad when I could no longer lift a cup of tea - and that sent me down the road of high dose anti inflammatories and intensive physio (ice, massage, laser, ultrasound) which did get rid of it, though it took weeks and weeks. I really hope you can find a remedy for yours soon!


Well, I'm glad to hear you are sticking around! I'd miss you if you weren't blogging. I've been slowing down a bit as well -- I'm actually thinking of channeling more energy into something other than the old blog. I kind of feel like I have nothing else to say. I do -- however -- enjoy seeing what my friends near and far are up to. You've always been a tremendous inspiration with your gentle, calming style and honesty. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anne Donald

Like you, my blog has changed over time. It started out being about knitting and sewing, but I just couldn't produce enough to post regularly, so I started including photos from our many days out and about, which proved popular. But only you know what you want to achieve with your blog - and true friends will stay with you, whether or not you change the name and the focus. I hope you are able to get treatment for your tendonitis - but posts with more photos sounds good to me!! Have a good weekend in the kitchen! Love Anne x


Tracy, what a post! So full of ... everything really. Art, beauty, emotions, project etc. ... Well as for me I certainly feel 'guilty' of not hanging or posting much and I have been so slow with the mails too. There simply seem not to be enough time ... but I would be absolutely sad to 'loose' you my dear friend! So I'm going to follow you (read - stalk ;-) haha, wherever your next destination - may that be a new art blog (just an example)... :-) Tracy, I'm very sorry to hear that you have tendonitis! So sorry to hear that!!! So of course take your time to get well first!!! Sending lots of love and of I go to the emailing right now ;-)))


I'm sorry to hear about your tendonitis. I'm sending wishes that you feel better quickly. I think you should follow your heart with your blog and I don't really think you will lose readers. Your certainly won't lose me!

Oh, and I love your tea cozy!

S. Etole

That red is such a bright, cheerful color. Hope you are soon without pain.

golden west

Life is constantly evolving - all of us personally, how we express ourselves, what appeals to us and what our priorities are - change occurs all around us, whether we welcome it or not! I try not to overthink things, but roll with what life brings, ever mindful that when I make plans, God laughs.


You have to be true to yourself, Tracy. If you feel like starting a new blog, then go for it. I'm sure all your loyal readers including me will go with you.
I'm constantly thinking of ways to do more on my blog, update and make it bigger. Along with a bunch of writing projects I have, as well.
My Aquarius brain always has a lot of ideas swimming around.


I think many, many people would follow you gladly wherever you go and whatever name a new blog would take. I agree; change can be a really good thing.

Oh, and I get the tennis elbow thing. I had a terrible case for a couple of years. It began with tennis and then was made worse by, yes, knitting, and even worse by clicking a mouse and typing. I actually stopped knitting and took up crocheting just because of tennis elbow. I so feel for you, Tracy, because I know how much it can hurt!

Thinking of you and hoping you have a lovely weekend! xo Gigi


Tracy, you will always be Pink Purl to me! I, of course, will follow you wherever you go. I truly treasure your friendship and my visits to your page are like a warm visit with a much beloved friend. I love the colour red and think that red in a kitchen is a wonderful colour!! Love the red tea cosy and polka dotted mug!! Good luck with the kitchen re-do and spruce up! It seems a time of renewal for all of us this year! As you know we are rethinking and cutting back on things in our home as well. I would love to redo out kitchen floor but that will have to wait a while. Todd is not very handy at things like that. He is good at organizing and administration but handy man is not one of his skills! Much love to you TJ and Charlie! Hope you have a good weekend and that there is plenty of warm sunshine in it to enjoy in between your chores!! xxoo


Dearest sweet tracy, it feels so good to be back on the swing of things on blog land! I love love your tea cozy and that color is just amazing! I always admire your knitting skills. :)
Change is always something constant in my life and im learning to handle it. :) WOW five wonderful years of blogging and im just so happy that we met on this creative world. I will continue to read and connect with you if you decide it's time for a change on your blogging style and place.
I am so so sorry to hear about your tendonitis. Please take good care! I am sending you love and healing thoughts.
Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Bumpkin Bears

Hello my friend, I'm back home safely :) I know how you feel with the pain, I find I am getting this too when I do too much crafting and computer. I would follow you to any blog you create :) Will catch up soon, Hugs, Catherine xx

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