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May 13, 2011



Hi Tracy, thanks for a wonderful post!
Spring was over very early here, due to all the warm temperatures. Blossom was gone within a blink and all plants and trees are filled with leaves. Mother Nature seemed to be in a hurry!

I hope you will have a fabulous time with your family back home.

I had difficulties leaving comments on blogger blogs too!


We're rereading the Hobbit too!

Blogger have had problems recently - they tried to do an updated and it didn't work so they've rolled it back to an earlier version of the software. It is rather alarming to find you can't see your own blog! And apparently anything posted yesterday has disappeared into the ether ...


We had rain for the past couple of days but it's back to warming up. I'm hoping I can get my veggie garden up and running this weekend, they're outgrowing their little cups on the windowsill!

S. Etole

I am reading the Gospel of Mark and "EMMA" by Jane Austen.

Blogger has been out of service since yesterday so we are unable to post or leave comments on other blogger sites.

Your spring photos are lovely!


What beautiful muscari, spring has arrived here, the dandelions are in full bloom! Blogger was not functioning properly yesterday, but it seems in order today. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kate England

What an inspiring quote, Tracy! The image of a soul in bloom!

It's wonderful to hear that you're soaking in spring, enjoying and taking in life with all your senses! And to have the trip to your other home to look forward to!

I think of you often.
Love from Kate


Oh that tulip is stunning, Tracy. I love that green veining -- so fresh!

AAAAH I didn't know about the Hobbit site! I loved LOTR and didn't want the books to end. It's so nice to have The Hobbit to read and the movie to anticipate :-)

Anna Sw.

Hei, hei! I'm starting the day with a smile after reading your last post :) Life has been busy here with work and family obligations, but next week I'll finally be landing in Oslo with cat and dog. I can't wait to reunite with H, our two other cats, to enjoy garden, nature and the summer! Have a great trip home, Tracy, recharge your batteries! :)


Tracy, your blooms are delightful! Muscari is one of my favorites- tulips too. Lovely post and I forgot about the hobbit. Will have to see when it's coming out :D


What a lovely post, dear Tracy. I just LOVE the tulip. So gorgeous!
Lots of love and hugs,


Blogger was seriously wonky these past two days. Right now, I'm gazing out the window. It is beautiful gray day with big fluffy clouds sailing by. Making me feel peaceful and relaxed. Hope you have a great weekend, Tracy.


Sigh! Tracy, all of that makes me so happy - especially Simon and Garfunkel :) My favorite!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It is SO windy here. All my patio chairs blew over and I was outside trying to drink wine, but my glass was full of dust in like a few seconds. Sigh! I just want a gorgeous weekend, and we get so few. Hugs my friend.


a list of life's pleasures in sight and sound ... you take me back with this charming list ...

blogger .. has had issues .. i feel you out there tho' :))

Grammy Lura

Dear Tracy,
I have been having trouble with Blogger too.
It wouldn't let me leave comments or post... in fact Friday it stole one of my posts and ate up all the comments I had!!!

Have a great trip to USA. I hope you enjoy every minute of it. If you are coming anywhere near the Riverside CA area I would love to meet you. You inspire me and I always love the comments you leave Marie.

I am glad to be out of the hospital at last. It is good to be home. Now if I can just get these ribs to mend I will be in good shape.
Have a great day, Lura


Your post is so peaceful! Meanwhile, I am avoiding my craftroom as the ceiling is finally being installed after almost 3 years that the basement reno was (almost) completed. Altho it is a relief to get it finished, I miss my craftroom!

Gallery Juana

You have the most amazing flowers in your garden and area!

I heard blogger was having problems over the weekend. I wasn't online much so missed the error messages.

Your breakfast sounds delicious! I'm a big avocado fan.

Wild Rose

As you know, we have had rain for weeks and it is still raining! Seeing those brave little grape hyacinths in bloom is filling me with joy and the tulips are just about to come into bloom too. I just hope that the rain stops soon.

Marie x

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