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May 16, 2011



Even the paint splotches on the top of your paint box lid makes me happy! Lovely to see you at work x


Hi dear Tracy,
How great to see you and your dear husband at work! The paintings are awesome!
My studio has taking a new shape this year. But nothing extreme. I haven't had much time to stay in there (shame, I miss my little place) but I really love it and still have some more ideas to my little corner of the house.
Lots of love and hugs,


What a fun posting -- it's nice to get a little glimpse into your world. Your studio is perfect....lots of bookshelves to house inspiration. My perfect space would include a warm fireplace, the bookshelves and old oak tables.

ellen b

Looks like you've taken good advantage of your space. I'd have to say my kitchen is my creative space place :o)


fiddle heads have a mild taste,, some what like asparagus,, but my problem with them is i find them fuzzy and a bit slimey,, yuk, (forgot to tell you this)


Tracy! thank you so much for taking us behind the artistic scenes :-) so fun! It looks great back at your home studio, you know! I love it :-)) And the paintings are wonderful! Sending lots of love your way!!


It must be wonderful to share creativity this way and I love the space you have created for the both of you.

I dream of a decluttered studio every day, but somehow there’s always something else that needs my attention.
A ride through the countryside is often my dream space!


Your space looks perfect. It's a lot tidier than ours let me let you! *Giggle*
We are so desperate for space now, James has paintings & canvas piled up on our landing now it is getting so bad! He is very busy at the moment trying to work on a large number of paintings for an exhibiton in a gallery in London as well as getting some commissions finished too.
He has also been busy over the last few weeks working on a painting which is on the cover of Hawker Beechcraft's new magazine which is launched today in Geneva! It's all very exciting although James doesn't seem that bothered! lol!
I love that space from Ikea above, as you know I love my whites & this space looks so calm & serene.
Have a lovely Monday


I think it is so wonderful that both you and your husband share artistic endeavors. The conversation must be terrific when you're out visiting museums and experiencing art.

Do you sometimes wonder what would happen if you didn't a living room at all?


It's so fun that you've made a little creative spot! Our house is very small, so right now we don't have any extra space, but I've thought of building a little building on our property as a workshop for my husband and I. I think that would be fun! Your painting look like they're starting out beautifully. Have fun! :)

Gallery Juana

Hi Tracy:)
How sweet that you and your husband share a creative space. I am enjoying seeing this creative side of you. You have many talents and ways of expressing yourself that inspire me.

That ikea studio is a dream! I think I might browse the internet to find more dream studios.

My days are being spent on my latest project, Sketchbook 2012, as you've already seen:) I'm having fun with that.

Wishing you a lovely and creative week.

Lisa Q

love seeing you at work! your canvases are looking beautiful already...and I love that you and your honey both share this art love. Thanks for the peek into your world. Have a great week.


Hi Tracy, it's so nice to meet you! Thank you for your sweet comment at my blog today! I absolutely adore those floor to ceiling book shelves you have in your art room! My space is actually our guest room that doesn't really get used that much as a guest room, but still need to keep the queen bed in there, just in case. I am very fortunate I have the space I do, but dream of someday having a room that can just be dedicated to art. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Mr. Puffy

What a nice glimpse into your creative space. How lucky you are to have a talent for drawing! I would so love to be able to do that.

I don't have a creative space. But I have taken over the guest room as "my" room and it's filled with my yarns and projects. Steve has admitted that we I'm out he will occasionally slip in and take a nap in my room ;) It is a cozy spot.


Wow, what a nice studio set up you have. The Ikea studio certainly is an inspiration. My studio is a bit of a tip these days, and it is difficult to work (storage issues). Looking at the set up above, I am inspired to remedy the sad situation. Keep painting Tracy. Do you listen to music?

S. Etole

such a serene place to create ... there is no special spot here


I love the purples in the scene that you are painting! Gorgeous


Lovely to see your creative space, and your works in progress!


Dearest sweet tracy, this is awesome post and so inspiring! I really adore your gorgeous creative space and seeing you at work is just so inspirational! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


I heart studio tours and I love the work you're doing Tracy and yes that is definitely a dreamy studio there from Ikea!

Wild Rose

Hi Tracy,

I love the colours of your painting in progress and look forward to seeing the end result.

I hope that the preparations for your trip are nearing completion. Have a wonderful time.

Marie x

Bumpkin Bears

Lovely to see you creating, beautiful colours and such fun to do that together. LOVE that IKEA studio, I too often dream of my own studio space. I actually saw one at a Garden Fair that I thought would be so charming, an old gypsy style caravan, with light coloured wooden floor and pretty floral cushions, so calm. I could imagine it nestled in a cottage garden, ahhhh dreams ;) Wishing you a fabulous trip back home, took Ollie to vets and now awaiting more test results.. Catherine xx

A Facebook User

Look at the two of you. I think this is wonderful.

And, I've been meaning to tell you that your haircut looks great.


First, it's great that you and your husband are both creative. I loved seeing glimpses of your creative space and works in progress.
If I had a dream creative space..if have to include a window seat and a raised space for a small theater for myself.


Hi Tracy! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the studio space you've made for youself! I'm in the process of trying to carve out a space for my artwork as well. And I love that you dabble in all sorts of media! I am an art teacher so I also do ceramics and jewelry in addition to drawing, mixed media and encaustic. I love all of it! So glad to find your blog too :)

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