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May 16, 2011


Becky K.

I love the idea of the two of you working away together. Some sweet music in the background and sun streaming in the window. Perfection. Can't wait to see your paintings!

I dream of one of those small log cabins to use as a studio. It is a dream...but one just never knows....


Tracy, how wonderful that you and TJ share a common love for this hobby!! I think your work is beautiful. I just love all the colours you use. I love your work space as well. Every artist needs a space to call her own! I love YOU! Can't wait to see your finished pieces! xxoo

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

LOVE your home studio! And how great to share it with your husband...


Thanks for the peek into your studio. Fun, fun, fun! It does remind me of the ikea one. Bright, with lots of shelving. What a contented couple you make.


I am lucky as our present home allows me to have a nice sized room with lots of light. But then, lots of light also means lots of heat !

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