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May 18, 2011



Dear Charlie-Boy....you must learn to share, for you Mommy's Mommy need's some time with your Mommy & Daddy. So stiff upper lip ol' boy. They will be traveling many, many miles to come see us. You can be sure though that they'll be missing you. Keep your Mommy's side of the bed warm for her, because she'll be very tired when she return's. Be a good boy while they're gone. Love, Grandma


Tracy, I hope that you and TJ have a wonderful time away and that you return to us safe and sound, and rested. Poor Charlie. How will he ever cope. Somehow I think he will be ok. I do love me some Charlie. These pictures are adorable. Hurry back to us, but do enjoy yourself whilst you are away! Love you loads and loads! I shall miss you tons and tons! xxoo

Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

Tracy, Sorry for not having been able to come and comment as often as usual, as I am a bit busier with posting everyday. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself on this side of the pond ;-)


Hi Charlie Boy! I’m sure that your daddy’s parents will take good care of you!!

Tracey, I hope you and Mr PinkPurl will have a wonderful trip to the US. Enjoy your family and your little niece Anya!! Safe travels!!


Hi Dear Tracy!
How exciting!! You are going away to your family! I hope you have a fantastic time and lots and lots of fun. :)
I know you are closing your shop for the time being, but I would like to ask you if you could reserve me that pink mala you had in the shop? (if you haven't sold it yet). On my ways from coming back/going to picking up Joey at school, I have found the need to have something to hold in my hands (I think it is like something to keep transferring any panicky/anxiety energy away) and a mala would be absolutely perfect. I thought about you and how you make truly beautiful ones and thought of giving you a shout. Let me know if it is ok with you.
If I don't hear from you until you come back, have a fantastic trip!
Lots of love and hugs,


Happy travels! I'm glad Charlie's holding down the fort.


Dear Tracy, have a safe travels! And have a wonderful time with your family and friends! Charlie will be in good hands in the meantime :-) Looking forward to hear more from you when you are back ... sending lots of love your way! Bon vent!!!

Bumpkin Bears

Hi Charlie Boy, wish your parents a lovely trip and enjoy the bed to yourself whilst they are away :) Cuddles, Catherine x

Natalie VV

It makes me so happy to know you are about to enjoy a visit west. It sounds as though your cat is philosophical and confident enough to manage while you're away, but of course he will miss you. O, Charlie, you do look so very comfortable! Safe travels, Tracy.

S. Etole

Love that sweet Charlie ... happy travels!

I know you will have a wonderful time. We'll be here waiting for you.♥


love to you~


Enjoy your visit State-side, Tracy. Charlie will be holding down the fort, but I bet he'll miss your company.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I hope you and TJ have a wonderful time in the US enjoying your family and friends that are there, Tracy! Hopefully the weather will be beautiful. Safe travels!
♥ Pat


Hi Tracy, for a minute there I thought I was looking at a photo of my "Fetzer" Your Charlie boy is so sweet and reminds me of my boy. I hope you have a lovely trip. Fetzer says hi Charlie! :-)

Gallery Juana

Charlie, you are a sweetheart. Have fun owning the furniture while they are away!

Tracy, enjoy your time with family and the break!
Wishing you a safe trip and return.


Charlie I'm sure the time will pass quickly with lots of snoozes and cuddles for you all. Your lovely parents will have a great trip and it will be even more wonderful when you are all back together again.

Anne Donald

Have a wonderful time!! Love Anne x


Me and Mabel always love seeing your handsome face, Charlie. I know you will have fun with your Daddy's parents.
Tracy, have a great trip.


Good on Charlie to see the positives in the situation. Have fun.


Have a wonderful trip. I hope you feel better in the warmer weather.


how sweet .. have a wonderful time with your family and friends .. I will miss your visits ...blessings friend!


Dearest sweet tracy, Charlie is just as adorable as always! So happy to see him here! Oh you are off to the USA? How wonderful. Have a lovely merry happy trip! Will be waiting for you here when you get back! Love to you!


Charlie looks sooo sweet!!
I hope you have a great visit in the US!


I hope you have a great trip. If Charlie is like my kitty, he'll be sleeping in the same spot a couple of weeks from now, ha, ha.

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