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May 09, 2011



Hi, I just found you today,, from Marie's blog,,I'm a newbie and I am so happy to have found your blog.Your photos are lovely,,I'm an artist myself from Canada,


I love the whiteness of the buildings! Everything looks so crisp and clean and neat. It's nice that you take little mini-adventures so often. It's good for the soul -- isn't it?

ellen b

What a beautiful day with wonderful sights to see. Glad you got some great weather for an outing!


Oh Tracy it looks like a beautiful place, all these wonderful photos look so lovely, I wish I could visit!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


I'm jealous, how beautiful! I'd love to visit there.

S. Etole

What a lovely spot to spend a spring week-end.


Beautiful beautiful sights, Tracy. I can feel that crystal light in your photos. The ceramics shop looks lovely with well-crafted pieces. Spring at last :-)

Mr. Puffy

Such a delightful place to visit ~ in person and virtually!!! I could almost feel the sun and smell the sea as you sat down by the boats.


Such a lovely town Tracy, and a nice place for local artists to show their works. I like the ceramic gallery.
Enjoy the warm Spring weather, I wish we could have some of it here. Love your new haircut!


the use of pure whites on the homes make it look so clean and inviting ..the gallery must have been so lovely to browse through .. you always go on such interesting photos , so glad you got out in that amazing sunshine!


What a lovely day Tracy! Thank you for sharing it!


Dearest sweeet tracy, your town is just pure beauty! I am so in love with your neighbourhood...loving all that i get to see here. I hope one day i get to visit you there! :) Have alovely merry happy week and love to you!


I'm always interested in the colors that artists from Norway and Sweden always feature in their work. So much BLUE! What a lovely seaside town!


Wonderful photos! I am quite curious about that woman hanging under the eaves of the building as if she were perched on the front of a ship. Do you know anything about her?


Norway is a place I'm not very familiar with, so it's especially nice to see this beautiful part of the world through the eyes of an experienced guide! Your town is lovely and what a wonderful time you had! I'm so glad you showed us the gallery, too -- and the beautiful waterside! Thank you!


What a beautiful place! I loved the white table on the grass under the apple? tree. White and green is such a lovely colour combination. The light there is very clear- less blue/purple misty than in England.

Very interesting lithographs too.

Were the red details on the window sill in the 1st pic hens?


one of these days i'd like to visit norway... it's such a lovely place. and that sounds like a perfect day!

we are still at the beach, but i'm taking a break from the sun just now... and visiting you!

Bumpkin Bears

SO beautiful, I love those houses and ceramics. So glad you finally have some lovely sunshine. Hugs, Catherine xx


Wow, what a beautiful place! I love the lithographs you showed. So, so beautiful. I love to know spring has arrived on the other side of the world x


What a lovely place to visit Tracy. I do hope that Todd and I are able to visit Norway one day and see these beautiful spots!! Nice gallery and artwork. Perhaps you could one day put your artwork in there?? I think your work is so nice and deserves such a setting! I have not had so great a week, starting off very badly with some very mean spirited and vile comments left on my blog. I am pretty certain it is my ex husband's wife. Really hateful and also hurtful. I spent most of Tuesday in tears, and then she did it again on Wednesday morning. It seems to have stopped for the time being. I have no idea why she wants to hurt me so, but oh well. I just have to take it from the source and put it behind me. On a positive note I got two Mother's Day Cards in the post today from both my daughters, which was a most welcome and pleasant surprise!!! I send lots of love and hugs and a hope that we can soon have a chat! Dare I hope?? xxoo


What a beautiful and magical location. I love spring greens, too. They make me feel a sense of renewal.

Congratulations on your feature. Your painting is soul stirring.

Mandy Collins

Thank you for taking us on tour around this pretty town, so many interesting things to see

Your painting is lovely

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