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June 17, 2011


Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

What a delightful list Tracy, it seems Summer is on your mind ;-)
Enjoy your week-end, sweet friend


Some lovely thoughts. I like the sound of your crocs. :-)

Hmmm plans- up the Nile in a couple of weeks, but at the moment I've feeling good having got some parcels posted. Time to catch up in Blogland again.


Tracy! such a soothing post - just perfect for the summer days ahead :-) thank you for sharing, I love the way you have the picture (how can I describe that in English - the edges kind of 'lost' in the white ...) just beautiful makes it extra dreamy summer-ish :-)
I love crocks - I was always kind of not liking the plastic shoes, till hubby got his for the garden and I tried it once - well they really are perfect for the garden, so comfy :-) have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the mini digital sab. and see you soon next week!!! sending love your way!!


Looks bliss indeed!
Soothing and delicious.
Just returned from a happy/sad whirlwind trip to England.
Wishing you a joyful weekend indeed.


LOVE LOVE your summer list Tracy!! I am hoping that we get some warmer temps soon. It's been very windy and cool and quite rainy this past couple of weeks. I hope that we get some more summery weather soon. I just plan on enjoying each day as it comes this summer. Perhaps a few days now and then at the seaside and lots of country rambles! Love you loads my sweet friend. A ramble with you and TJ would be a dream come true! xxoo

ellen b

Summer...hope it's grand. A nice relaxing list Tracy...


Mmmmmm! I feel like I'm right with you taking in all the scents and sights of a Norwegian summer day. (By contrast, it's drizzly here in So Cal) I'm glad you'll be taking time and making plans for some mini-vacations. Hope that your wrists and hands will improve, too.


Your wonderful list has me inspired and happy. Plus, I LOVE that magazine. I'm off to try to find a place to purchase it. Twice I've contact blogs/ websites that say they sell it, but have had no luck. Hmmmm... I think I shall try again.


Hello Tracy!
I love the proverb. It really is true :D
We are having a bad weather here in London at the moment. Always raining.
There are so many things that are beautiful around home and your post really made me remind me of that. ;)
Love the sound of digital sabbatical. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Homemade blueberry muffins sound good! It's almost blueberry season here. Enjoy this summer weekend.


My plans are to spend time in the woods on the trails, read in the grass in the sunshine while the pup naps in sun/shade, eat plenty of gelato and ice cream, wander the farmers' markets, and drink cold drinks. Mmmm. I can't wait.

I love your idea of mini-weekend digital sabbaticals. I might try to join you. I could use less computer time myself but am still struggling to break the habit of thinking computer = work so more computer is needed. (It's really not.)

Your June sounds perfectly delightful.

Lisa Q

enjoy your mini vacation this weekend...take in all the blessings around you. Have a great time enjoying your gardens and your flowers.


A wonderful summer list! Happy summer!



Yum! Muffins are ALWAYS a feel good food! Great list. Hope you enjoyed your weekend of summery sunshine. It's been very wet and dull here in the UK. Ros


love the calm in your life these days. xo


This post is brimming with peace and creativity, Tracy! I loved it. It's so good to pop in for a visit with you. My summer has had a hectic start, but I am still finding time to enjoy the simple things, like long hikes and baseball games. Sending a big hug and best wishes to you for a beautiful summer! xoxo Gigi


You have a wonderful summer planned. Just being home is a thrill for me at the moment, mostly day trips and picnic outings. Dreaming and planning for new projects. There will be tea for sure and a book or two. And on the days when there is sunshine, I will be outside playing.


Bad blogger me. I wrote my comment and forgot the verification numbers! My summer -- long weekends at our lakeside cottage in Northern Michigan, a trip to the ocean when Rick goes for a trade show and fun everywhere I can find it!


Dearest sweet tracy, i am loving your summer list!! I hope your weekend was fun adn relaxing. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


Tracy as usual your lists are a delight .. the quotes are so true and it looks like you are relishing the moment here ..off to visit your links ...blessings friend!


Ah the slow unplugged life. Isn't it wonderful? I have just been telling myself I must unplug more too. I need more time spent in silence, just being and listening to my heart x

Gallery Juana

Oh yes, it's nice to take a break from the techi devices.
Your afternoon break on your deck sounds lovely.
I'm looking forward to our grapes from the garden soon.

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