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June 27, 2011



Hi Tracy!
That rocky beach reminded me of some of the shore around Montauk Lighthouse on the end of Long Island. I would be very tempted to carry some rocks home to add to my outdoor rock garden :)

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend full of beautiful vistas and sweet treats!

Hugs, Pat

Anne Donald

Lovely photos, Tracy, the blue sky is amazing. And of course that last photo is definitely my favourite!! Anne x


oh .. those .. rocks ..

so happy your time was lovely ..the links show an amazing world to me !!


What amazing, lovely blues, and views!

Mr. Puffy

What a beautiful place and your photos are stunning! Love the ice cream shot - a waffle cone just says "vacation" :)

Bumpkin Bears

It looks so relaxing, glad you had a lovely time :) sorry I've been so poor at keeping in touch lately. On Wed we are off to Devon for 10 days, can't wait to see gardens and cottages and coast :) Will tell all when I get back. Rest enough. Hugs, Catherine xx

ellen b

Ahh what gorgeous photos of your days. That last one of course has me drooling a bit.
Have a great week Tracy!


Glad you had a lovely weekend Tracy. I love those pebbly beach pictures. I can just imagine the sound they make in the surf, and how heavy and beautifully rounded they must feel. I would have taken one home I think!


Oh-I see I am not alone in my desire for a pebble!


There is just something so calming and restful about blues and whites and greys. I feel better just looking at these. (Hee. Especially the ice cream. Yay, you, for eating it twice!) So glad you had a wonderful weekend!


I'm envious, I miss the water and the ocean so badly and there's almost none of it in Colorado. I just want to dip my toes in a little!


Tracy these photos make me want to be by the sea right now! I love the ocean and just walking along the beach with the birds and sun above. It looks like you had a good time - sweet treat included:)


S. Etole

what beautiful views ... I can almost taste that ice cream!


Beautiful photos! Looks like such a lovely place to visit! :)


It looks like there is an egg between the rocks in the picture with the blue sky and the seagull?
Beautiful photos Tracy!!! You made me want an icecream!


Can you ever get enough of scenery like that? It is so beautiful.


Tracy! I had to come and check your post out ;-) and I'm so glad I did! I knew there would be many wonderful relaxing pictures to see and I was right! So relaxing ... I'm happy that you had such a wonderful weekend! When I saw the pebbles, I was already picking some (in my mind) and painting on them ;-) ... Thank you for your kind words my dear friend ... wishing you a wonderful time and I'll be back by the end of the months :-)) much love and hugs!


Oh what gorgeous photos! I can feel the sun, hear the waves (and the gulls) and smell the sea. Thank you for taking me there. Glad you had a wonderful time. Cheers


Mmmmm - the embodiment of summer: relaxation, sighs, deep breaths, blue skies, warm rocks, swooshing seas.


Amazing photos, dear Tracy! Really lovely blue sky.
Oh, and the ice cream at the end... yummy! ;)
lots of love and hugs,


What beautiful Ocean pictures! I'm planning a one day trip to the Ocean on Friday which is really needed.


Oh the pictures of the sea call to me, they are beautiful. I especially love the one with the sailboats. The sea pictures remind me of your art in the previous post.


Wow, it looks amazing! Our beaches have the same stony look about them. I really want to steal your ice cream! Glad you had a lovely weekend x


I'm partial to the ice cream photo! ; ) But I love the rocky shorelines too. These pictures remind me of Rockport, which is north of Boston. Beautiful images.


Beautiful photos- I'm especially taken with the shots of the water and waves. Lovely compositions too- like with the boat matching the red roofs.

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