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June 10, 2011


Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

Tracy, What an interesting little place and that sandwich looks simply delicious. Enjoy your week-end :-)

Kate England

This looks so peaceful and the menu sounds really great! You're lucky to have such a great spot close to home! Your photos really are beautiful too!

I hope you have a lovely summer, my friend!



Tracy, in deed it looks very warm and inviting from your picture :-) I like the 'happy' glass ;-) and mostly I would appreciate the healthy choice of food and drinks!!! :-) have a wonderful w-e and I'm so sorry for being late in mailing (I'm just devoring the healing spices book and I cannot put it down!!!) I'm so glad it's something that would be of interest for you too :-)) Long w-e again (3days) but next week I'll be back in mailing!!!! Sending lots of lots of love my dear friend!!!! love you!

Betty Jo

Hi Sweet Tracy! I've missed you so, but hope I'll be back to blogging now on a more regular basis. The move is behind me and I'm learning to fit in with all the activity around here. What a wonderful cafe. My friend moved to a small town about twenty minutes from me, and it has quaint little coffee shops, cupcake shops, etc on its main street. I plan to visit her soon and can't wait to check out her awesome little town. See you again soon! ♥

Shayla Newcomb

I'm eating my breakfast as I read this am now desiring ham, brie and toast. Yum!


I love the colors in your photos. Magical words: bake all their own bread on the premises! Your sandwich looks wonderful -- brie + ham = yum.


It looks lovely. I love that glass on the right!
Have a lovely weekend


Looks very nice, and I love the name Smitt & Smule.

ellen b

Looks like a fun spot. I'm intrigued by that big orange machine?


what a lovely-looking place! is that a millefiori glass i spy?

tea time and roses

This place sounds wonderful Tracy, and the sandwiches certainly look delightful! Don't you just love it when you find fresh and new places to dine and healthy too, a lovely combination.:o)

Enjoy a wonderful weekend.




Looks wonderful. Mmmmm, brie...

Anne Donald

It looks a lovely welcoming place - and that sandwich looks so delicious!! Have a good weekend, love Anne


Yummm, I heart coffee shops, I've noticed quite a few - including gelato shops opening up across the city here too. It's the perfect summer thing to do - tea, coffee, brie - hmmmm, makes me smile!

S. Etole

sounds like the perfect little place for lunch ...

Mr. Puffy

What an incredibly appealing place!!! Guess what? We have become juicers (as of today we own a juicing machine). I have a ton of carrots and can't wait to try my first drink! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.


Dearest sweet tracy, this place is awesome and i wish i could visit it with you! Everything look so yummie! Thanks so much for sharing sweet friend. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


Yum! We don't have any eateries like that around here. I could be jealous!


Nothing better than a good local (non-chain) coffee shop, your new find looks great. Maybe a nice place to take your knitting.


How lovely and what a treat to have it nearby. The tea sounds like it would be good.


What a lovely looking Cafe Tracy!! Very sleek, clean and modern! Your sandwich looks fab too! Love you! xxoo


I love the name of this cafe! It looks very cozy and the food and drink selection sounds wonderful!


Yum yum...The orange theme makes it a warm sunny place Have a great week! :)


Don't you love it when you find a cafe you love? So refreshing too that they focus on healthy food. You might soon be a regular!


That looks like a lovely place! And would definitely call for a return trip. : )

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