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June 03, 2011



lovely to have you back! our cats love to snoozein suitcases too, although usually when we are packing as if to say "take me too!"


Aah look at Charlie! Andy and I were joking the other day that Lily remembers when I went away for two weeks as 'the great disaster of 2008'! I was away for four days, and even Cassie has been sitting on my la and following me around since I came back-and she hardly ever sits on my lap! Tiger gets over it quickly but Lily-she remembers and worries! Glad your trip was good and that you are home safely!

Bumpkin Bears

Glad you are back safely and had a lovely trip, sorry you had a cold though. We are off to London for a day trip (I know crazy!) tomorrow, to go and see the England football match (it's M's birthday) and a little shopping, so can't wait :) Will catch up soon properly, have a lovely weekend with Charlie, Catherine xx


Tracy dear!! welcome back :-)) Sorry to hear you had a cold and glad that you feel better now! The picture of Charlie on the suitcase is so sweet! And the aquarium beautiful! We have a long week end 4 free days so I'm busy here with my family, mostly cooking, it seems - lol and we are dog sitting a puppy for our neighbors ... more later when the things get to the usual again ... ;-) happy to see you back!! sending lots of love!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Love that photo of Charlie! Good to have you back online... xx

Natalie VV

Dear-dear Charlie! I do want to give him some love. I think he hopes you will take him with you! Welcome home.

ellen b

Glad the jet lag is wearing off and that you are over your cold...


So glad you're trip was fun!


Welcome Back! Charlie looks quite happy in the suitcase. Miss M was quite relieved to see me again as well. Things were not up to standard in my absence. I am not in the swing of things yet, and no jet lag, there was only an hour difference... will start posting phots soon. Have a great weekend.


So glad you had a great trip!

Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

See how Charlie is snuggling in your suitcase, because he missed you so? That's how I feel ;-)
So glad you are back Tracy. Take your time to recuperate and come back when you're ready. Giantest hugs!!!!


Welcome back, Tracy. Sounds like you had a really good visit with friends and family. Those are the best of times. I'm sorry Charlie had to be without you, though. So nice that he appreciates your company.


My Coley always jumps in the suitcase when I am packing. He does not like for Mama to leave him.
Glad you had a nice trip and visit. Welcome home.


Hello there! Glad you are back safe and sound. It sounds like a great time was had. Charlie looks pleased to see you back! Enjoy the weekend Ros


Kitties are so funny. They don't like to admit how attached they are to us it seems to me, but our cat is just like Charlie when we get back from a trip.

S. Etole

what a happy Charlie to have you safely home ... as are we


Yes, I see that Charlie is happy you're back. :-) I'm glad you had a good visit and you're back home, safe and sound, too.

tea time and roses

Look at Charlie, he indeed missed mommy and daddy. What a sweet photo Tracy.

Welcome home and can imagine all the fun you and family shared together. Time indeed does fly when you are having fun.:o)

You and your dear husband enjoy a lovely weekend.




oh how i have missed your special visits to my space .. i would curl up like Charlie in the suitcase as well .... so glad that your visit with family was a special time , you are so far away from them I am sure it means so much!!


welcome back! and the tea cozies arrived this afternoon! HURRAH! we've already sampled that delightful chocolate (which didn't melt at all :) thank you, thank you, dear tracy, a million times over... and here's a little photo of the cozies in their new home:



Charlie does look determined to keep you home with him.

Welcome back! So glad you had a good trip and your cold + jet lag are leaving you. It's always nice to have time to settle in after a trip, especially one that involves more flying time. :)


Welcome back! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :-)


Yay, you're back! I missed you! Glad you are getting over your cold and starting to feel like yourself again x x


Charlie is not the only one who is happy to have you home safe and sound again!! I am too! Glad that you had a lovely visit with your family! I hope that we can chat soon, after your jet lag has gotten better of course!! Hoping that you and TJ have a restful and pleasant weekend! The weather is gorgeous here! And we have tadfrogs! (Well, tadpoles that are almost frogs in our pond. You can see what they are going to be now, little legs and arms are growing and big bulging eyes. It's miraculous!) Love you loads dear friend! xxoo


Lovely to have you back & lovely to hear you had a wonderful time.
Have a relaxing weekend.

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