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June 06, 2011


Mr. Puffy

What a wonderful building and interesting exhibit!!! There are so many things done to this planet that are upsetting to think about. But ownership of land and all the entails I think is overall "good."


It certainly looks like a perfect gallery space. The exhibit is something I would very much like to see.

S. Etole

The light in the bottom photo is compelling ...


What a thought provoking exhibit. I saw dairy fields turned into housing estates as a kid in the Cotswolds and thought it was wrong and not in keeping with the surrounding fields. Since then more buildings have grown up and towns have become larger, so it is hard to see what the landscape once looked like. I try to imagine the steep hills as they once were covered in grass. There seems to be a presumption of progress in the word "development" but I'm not sure that is necessarily the case. I'm glad there are groups like the National Trust which bought land in order to protect it from being built on.


Tracy, very interesting!! I like the last picture of the window - the light there is really fabulous with the green trees behind - that's something that speaks to me :-) sending love!


I also love that last photo!

Your last line made me think of a tv show that I like to watch called House Hunters International. I love seeing the homes in amazing locales, but so often when they are filming on a beautiful island, I think about what the island must have looked like before all the condos started being built. It's sad.


The interior makes me feel like it's underground. Even living on a small island like mine, landscape is constantly changing and without photographs it's hard to remember what used to be. Welcome back Tracy.


How fascinating! I would love visiting a museum to focuses on photography. Welcome Home!


What an amazing space! I love the idea of contemplating what we do to the landscape and our poor planet. We really don't think about these things enough. Thanks for sharing Tracy! Hope you've had a lovely day x x


what a beautiful space ..love all the angles curves bricks and light ..always a joy to stop by to say hello ...back soon my friend~

Becky K.

You are featured on my candle blog today.....


Welcome back Tracy! This looks like an interesting place for this exhibit!


Welcome back Tracy. Here I am visiting you again at last! What a super exhibition! Glad you had a lovely time away with family.


What a fabulous building - it looks perfectly suited for a museum!

It does sound like a thought-provoking exhibit, especially if presented neutrally so the viewer could decide. I would like to see it.


The whole setting for this museum is really neat -- the cavernous feeling and the way the displays are grouped. Worth the (short) trip, right?

Wild Rose

What an impressive building Tracy. It reminds me of the Cellarium of Fountains Abbey...I think it is the shape of the room in the second photograph.

How wonderful to have such a great mueseum on your doorstep.

Marie x


Welcome back Tracy!
The museum building is so impressive. I would love to visit the exhibition on landscape architecture.
The window picture is beautiful. I once photographed all sorts of windows for a project. Such fun!


Dearest sweet tracy, such a beautiful building and very interesting exhibition! I wish i could be there! Loving that last photo too! Have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend! Love to you!

Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

Quite an interesting building, Tracey. Beautiful arched ceilings! It must have been fun to photograph :-) Hugs from Vancouver


The gallery's space is so intriguing, Tracy. A place worth wandering about for sure.


Fascinting exhibit Tracy. You always do the most interesting things! I love the very last picture of all. I miss it when you are away and you are not able to post. So good to see one from you again! I hope that we can catch up with each other soon! I send you oodles of love and hugs. Hope the jet lag is all done and dusted now! xxoo

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