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June 13, 2011



Beautiful fabrics and perfect knitting. Isn't it funny how we can get "into" one color and it seems to take-over? I hope you have an inspirational and productive week -- lots of creating going on!

Bumpkin Bears

Love all the blues, I was going to make that little vest for my niece one day! Glad to see you enjoying the nice weather finally :) Hugs, Catherine x


blue is far and away my favorite color, and i LOVE all the blues in this lovely post.

S. Etole

peaceful, serene blues ... so pretty


Hi dear Tracy,
Thank you for your comment. I can tell you that if you can take a week in Cornwall you won't regret it a bit! It is such a gorgeous place and so much to do and so many places to go visiting!
I love all your blues. :) Specially the fabrics. I am a blue girl. Any shade, but recently turquoise is being my favourite. :)
Lots of love and hugs,

Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

My favourite colour is green and right now with all the rain we're still having everywhere is quite green, still...I wish I had a bit more blue in our skies here instead of this light gray ;-)
Have a great week, dear friend :-)


I have been gathering blue things, also =-) It is my favorite color but for the last 13 years (since we moved to our current house) I have had hardly any of it in my home...and I don't know why, except that this house is so very different from our old house, which was smaller and cottage-y. I decided it was time to bring back the color that I love so much!! Those beads are so beautiful; is there a significance to them specifically? The cornflower blue of that yarn is delicious! And the vest will be so sweet. I followed the link and found the post on that blog with the darling little turban and dress. Alas the pattern is not in English =-( I would love to make that turban for my little niece. Loved your post today! =-)


Tracy, wonderful blues! Blue feels like the right color for the summer ... I'll have to check on the children vest ;-) I cannot wait for you to reveal all your art :-)) sending love your way!


Robin's egg blue us my favorite, but nothing beats a summer blue sky either!

Anne Donald

I too like blue! Lovely fabrics, and a beautiful shade of blue yarn. Anne x


Fabulous blues! Especially the jolly cornflower yarn for your knitting project. Blue is my favourite colour, rather obsessively so. But how can one not like blue? Have a great week!

Lisa Q

love your blues...I'm not really into a color right now that I know of, but i'll be watching to see if there are any recurring themes. Have a great week.


Blue is one of my favorite colors, Tracy! That is why I always keep my blog background a light sky blue :) Visiting my grandsons made me see lots of blue and both their bedrooms are shades of blue. Other than that I have been seeing lots of pinks lately ..pink roses, pink peonies, pink hydrangeas are everywhere!


Hmmm. That's a good question. I seem to be drawn to color in general, especially darker pinks and purples. Though I was also wearing a good bit of black and grey. Huh. I wonder what that means.

That cafe below looks like one I would enjoy! Love the bright spots of orange.


Tracy I want a colour co-ordinated life.

tea time and roses

Lovely blues Dear Tracy! What a sweet vest this is going to be, and thanks for the link! I am also loving those very pretty fabrics. I can see it is going to be lots of summer crafting and fun ahead for you.:o) Happy week to you!




I'm in love all that blue you are showing. It is one of my favorite colors. Recently, I have been liking purple. It has been creeping in more and more in my wardrobe.


It all looks so beautiful! I love the sound of summer in Norway too! Can't wait to see the new painting x x


Those fabrics blend together so beautifully. I LOVE them. And you and your dedication to artful creation.


Beautiful sky! Love all the blues. Blue is definitely one of my favourite colours too. Ros


Great summer color, Tracy. I'm so glad you are getting some beautiful summery days.

hip chick



I like the way the summer is influencing your work Tracy. I love blues, greens and turquioses, but love splashes of oranges and reds-I sometimes find it hard to confine myself to a simple palette!


Hi Tracy, I think blues are my absolute favorite...can't wait to see!


what could be more lovely than blue in every shade and texture ..you do it great justice!!

i have missed visiting you ..so sorry i have been away~~

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