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June 21, 2011



Happy Summer Tracy!! Hoping that we can SKYPE soon! That will be so much fun. I have found that now that I am doing these reading lessons I have even less time to play for some reason! I have missed our chats! It seems like forever since we have been able to talk. We MUST make a date soon!! I send oodles of love and hugs to you today! XXOO


Enjoy your beautiful summer Tracy! It is our winter solstice and we are looking forward to the days getting longer again.

Wild Rose

Summer may be short, but just look at that gorgeous rose. How I long to have a rose garden! Happy Summer Tracy!

Marie x


Happy Summer Tracy, I love the peony and bumblebee!
I always regret Summerdays are getting shorter already now. Let’s hope for some lovely Sunny days!


As I woke up this morning, my husband reminded me that today was the first day of summer....With the kids home for the past few weeks, it's been feeling like summer for a while now. Great picture!


Wishing you a happy Summer!


*Happy Summer Solstice*
I was awake at dawn this morning listening to the blackbirds singing.
The summer solstice always saddens me slightly as I know the summer days are shortening again & winter will soon be upon us & each year I seem to dread the cold winters a little bit more.
But trying not to be too glum, summer is upon us, hurrah!
Enjoy your summer Tracy.


Tracy, what a wonderful post and the picture!!! Look at the bumble bee :-) It for sure lives in the moment ;-) ... rainy here though ... sending lots of love your way!


I laugh when I think of the "official" start of summer. You could never convince my students that it hasn't been summer for quite some time now. Isn't it interesting the way our seasons flow with the weather, regardless of the calendar?


Happy Summer, dear Tracy!! Hope your days be filled with lots of sunshine. :)


Lovely rugosa rose and bee, Tracy. Love all the sights and smells and warmth of summer.


Happy Summer to you too, Tracy! For me, June 21st has always been more a memory of my beloved grandma since this is her birthday. I know the sun's journey is moving back to giving us shorter days, but we haven't had any summer weather yet!


I love and live in the moment. Not thinking about what has past, not thinking about the winter to come. Just for today. And, today is absolutely so beautiful on my mountain that it makes you want to cry! Of course, two days ago it snowed on the mountain two over from mine, but we will not think about that...today!

Anne Donald

Our first day of summer got off to a very wet start!! Fingers crossed that the weather will now improve, and we get a long hot summer! Love Anne x

S. Etole

what a "pop" of beauty ...


Happy Summer Solstice! Today was only the second day this year that we have hit 80. I am hoping it doesn't fade too soon and more days outdoors can be enjoyed.


Wow, I forget that when we are having our shortest day, you are having your longest! We have said happily that the days will start to lengthen now and I forget that means yours will be shortening. Still, I am sure there is most of summer still left for you! It sure feels like a long time till spring arrives for us. Hope you have had a beautiful day full of simple pleasures x x


Happy Summer Solstice to you too, Tracy. Happy Summer is here, though we are staring summer here a bit rainy now.


Midsummer always makes me feel slightly sad for a moment as it is the beginning of a decline. I like your description of it all Tracy.
And no I didn't get back to the skip tonight-I left work late-I am thinking tomorrow now!


Hope you have a warm, luxurious endless summer. Our first day of summer was cold- about 15 degrees and overcast but there will be some warm days to come- hoping anyway. It's possible we may go right into fall ;)


I once did a cross stitch of the "Gather ye rosebuds" stanza. I had quite forgotten!

I hope you have a lovely tranquil warm Summer full of the sound of bees and birds. Later I will enjoy welcoming Autumn and her bright gown.


hi tracy, how have you been doing? hope you are enjoying your brief summer. things have been hectic round here and havent been doing much blog visitng lately. catching up big time today!


I love when you tell us about the festivals! The sun came out and teased us with 80 degree weather on the solstice, then disappeared again. :)

Local strawberries are just now here so it does indeed feel like we've been blessed with the season's bounty.

Happy Thursday!


Beautiful post. I love your words and gorgeous photo. Enjoy the warmth and freedom of summer!


Wishing you a lovely summer! In Scandinavia we celebrate summer solstice with huge bonfires... come and see: http://blog.kanelstrand.com/2011/06/sankthans-midsummers-night-celebration.html

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