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June 24, 2011



Have a lovely break Tracy. Your painting is so serene.

Becky K.

I love those shades of blue.....

Enjoy your time away.



Have a wonderful time away! I like the texture in the painting in contrast to the subtle colour. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Tracy, I thought of an ocean, waves and sky when I saw your painting, so wonderful! Have a wonderful sunny weekend, may all of the present be your eternity ... after the rain we should have dry weather and a heat wave starting Sunday ... And of course I'm so looking forward to seeing the other art and projects :-) Much love & big hugs!

Natalie VV

I love the painting, and your wish... that we could see it in person... that would be lovely.
A question arises when I look at those colors... do you think those are Norway colors, or Stateside colors... whether actual or dreamed? For me, there are colors that evoke, or are connected, with places.


What a perfect title for your work, Tracy. I love how you've combined color and texture in this one.


Oh, Tracy. I really really like this painting - I can't imagine how beautiful it must be, in person.


It reminds me of the ocean, I love it :)


So lovely to see your vibrant paintings
I'm so impressed!

Show more soon.
Have a wonderful relaxing weekend
much love
hugs from NY


The color gradation is lovely and so are the waves. Enjoy the getaway Tracy!


Very clever. You are so rich in talent! Enjoy your mini-break.


Beautiful Tracy.
Have a lovely weekend.

S. Etole

I was reminded of sea foam in your artwork ... it's very peaceful.


Your painting reminds me of the sea too Tracy. I love the shaded blues and the explosion of textured white in the middle. Have you tried taking a picture by candlelight to bring out the shimmery metallics? It might work!
I hope you enjoy your weekend away!


painting ?! you surprise me once again ,, I remember the post of you painting ..what an amazing finished piece!!


Creativity sometimes takes over our conscious thoughts and takes us place we never imagined. That is the message I see in your magical painting, Tracy!

Have a wonderful weekend enjoy the summer sun!

Hugs, Pat


Paying attention to your heart and making it happen is so special. I can just image the colors are beautiful in this painting. Have a wonderful weekend away.

tea time and roses

Simply lovely Tracy! Blues are always so soothing, certainly beautiful. You and your dear husband enjoy your time away.:o)



Mr. Puffy

I hope you have a wonderful wonderful time and make sure to take your swimsuit along!!!!

Tracy, your art is amazing ~ what a blessing to have this talent. Enjoy :)

Gallery Juana

It's been a real treat to follow your progress on this painting. I'm always amazed at the transformation a work of art goes through from beginning to end.

And I know what you mean about the nuances of color not fully coming through with a photograph.

I love the title and the textural line you've added to the canvas. There are many ways to interpret this painting.

Enjoy your getaway and week.


Dearest sweet tracy, this is a beautiful painting! So true tho that it's always not easy to take paintings shots. Yours turn out lovely! Have a lovely merry happy sunday! Love to you!


your painting is very lovely xxxx


It reminds me of the sea, which always reminds me that I am here. I, too, wish I could see it in person.


What a beautiful painting, not only for the rich colours and texture, but the feeling of "now" that it conveys. A reminder to catch each moment and go with it.
This is a photo recently taken by my son which, in a way, reminded me of your painting.
Enjoy the sun and come home refreshed :)


Beautiful painting Tracy! I love that it appeared in a dream! I often feel the same about art, that it is given as a gift to us and we pass it on. Thank you for sharing!

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