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June 24, 2011


Sherry Smyth

I know what you mean about photographs never really capturing the depth of art, but from what we can see here, this is a work of art you can be so proud of. That it came to you in a dream and you were able to create it speaks volumes. I love the depth of the colours and the gradations in them. The modeling paste adds just the right texture. I feel calmed and restful when I look at this.


Very, very cool artwork!


Beautiful Tracy! I love the texture and colour. I know what you mean about colour. It never seems to translate properly from the camera to the computer!! I have been looking for you on Skype. The week has vanished yet again!! I do hope we find each other soon!! Let me know a few options and I'll see what I can do! I send loads of love to you! xxoo

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