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July 11, 2011



I'm sad to see PinkPurl ending - but send all my good wishes for your new blog - I'll see you there!


Ooooh... I will miss Pink Purl very much, dear friend. and I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to read your latest entries. I am so very glad though to know you will be blogging elsewhere... I wish you much joy in this new venture! As long as we can still keep in touch, and that you are happy in your decision, that is all that matters. :)

Sending big hugs from sultry Southern France... Love to you :)


Oh my....You know I'll follow you over to your new site! I feel sad though that Pink Purl will be no more. It's such a gentle, lovely blog to visit. Best wishes.

Sherry Smyth

Change happens Tracy,and as you have discovered when we reach that new "home" where we are most comfortable, it is time to recreate. Pink Purl was so very much you -- and now Prana Light is going to be even more "you". It isn't really an ending...it is a continuation of the evolving beauty that is you. Looking forward to moving ahead with you!! xo


I will miss also Pink Purl,, but will follow your new blog,


oh so sad to see this lovely space at the end, it was a highlight of my day to visit here .. all the very best my friend!


I'm sure your sweet spirit will shine through your new endeavor, just as it has here...

S. Etole

This has been a place of peace to visit. Look forward to your new home as well.

Gallery Juana

Cheers to you and your new blog and how it reflects your new direction.

I love what you said ;

"I am learning to polish my own stars, and be present to wherever it takes me."


PP will be missed. Off to visit your new place. (Hugs)


I always loved to visit you at the Pink Purl place, but I will join you over at PranaLight!
I’m curious to make this new journey with you!


I congratulate on letting go of Pink Purl and starting your new blog adventure with Prana Light. Every ending has a beginning inside of it. Now I'm off to subscribe to Prana Light. Thank you for liking my new header picture over at my blog.


I've enjoyed meeting you here for quite a while now. Good luck with the new blog and I look forward to sharing time with you there. Ros

golden west

Wishing you all the best!

Anne Donald

Hi Tracy - very best wishes for the new blog - of course I'll be over there, delighting in your posts! Love Anne x

Becky K.

Well, I have to say I'll miss this particular blog but will follow you to the next one. You just might be the reason I have an Etsy shop today.....thanks to your faithful sharing of the process as you worked through it. Very inspiring.

See you at PranaLight.

Mr. Puffy

So well said, Tracy. Art and beauty is often where people see the presence of G-d in this world. I"m looking forward to following your journey on Prana Light.


looking forward to visting your new home


I popped by to see one more glimpse of Pink Purl. Life is a process of evolving and re-inventing so it seems quite fitting that you move into a new blog. Good luck with the move & I'll read you there! Namaste!


Beginnings and endings ...and transitions. I love your appreciation of beauty in many things and in many venues. See you over there!


Onwards and upwards. Pink Purl has been a delight and I'm sure your new home will be just as uplifting, see you there.


I to am sad to see the end of Pink Purl, but with sad endings we are blessed with wonderful new beginings.
See you at Prana Light!


Oh, Tracy, I have so many posts to look back on before you close!

But I wish you well on your new blog and I will look forward to seeing your creativity in big doses -- I've enjoyed what I've seen here, although I have to admit, I'll miss things like vacations and your wonderful kitchen!

I have two blogs and it really is hard to do justice to both, so one is just books -- whenever I get them up; the Marmelade Gypsy which you visit and so kindly comment on -- is more general. I'm glad I have two, but sometimes.... well, I think you'll be happy concentrating on the one thing that most moves your soul.

Sending you warm wishes and looking forward to visiting!


Sad goodbye to Pink Purl,but happy hello to Pranna Light! Best wishes always, Tracy!
{{{ hugs}}} Pat

Wild Rose

Oh Tracy, it has been quite a journey and I am glad to have shared it with you. Thank you for some inspirational posts and for sharing life in your corner of the world. I look forward to visiting your new blog.

Marie x

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