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July 01, 2011



Your kitchen and house are lovely! Isn't it funny how long doing just one room takes? I'm not looking forward to painting tomorrow! Love the fabric you used on the curtains too!

Becky K.

I had to smile wistfully at your comment about wishing you could paint your cupboards white. I am in the same position here. Warren shudders at the thought of "painting perfectly fine wood". Hmmmm.....

It sure would brighten things up in my kitchen.

However, your kitchen is cute! I love the new floor and your sweet touches.

I don't know if you want to, or not, but I am running a give away and am paying partial international shipping. Just letting you know. I really have no idea how much it would cost to send an 8 ounce candle to Europe.

Sherry Smyth

Tracy this is a fabulous update to your kitchen. I love that floor and you're so right about it matching with the backsplash!! We always think a coat of paint makes a difference but I'm sure you're glad you left the cream paint, especially after seeing the floor and what a lift it gave the whole room. I know what you mean about wanting white cabinetry (I have white), but here's a tip -- they show the dirt and you're always, always cleaning them up!!! ;) As for your curtains -- ooh la la...I love how you did this by combining the fabrics and the red gives it that gorgeous splash of colour. You did a fantastic job with this and while it may not be your "dream" kitchen, I believe it is on you'll be very happy in!


Your kitchen is lovely, I like the attention to details. I know what you mean about painting the cupboards white... Your kitchen has a very nice feeling to it, and despite its size must be a pleasant space to work in. Have a great weekend.


looks great! (love the touches of red)

Lisa Q

It looks great and I'm sure that beautiful new floor helps to tidy things up from a vision perspective. love all the handmade touches that you added....the curtain is wonderful. very cozy and inviting for sure!

Tracy, your kitchen looks great. Everything looks so fresh and cool. Enjoy!

ellen b

Very nice Tracy. We need to replace the floor and counters in our kitchen. We keep going back and forth between vinyl or wood...
I like your terra cotta look!


I think the little touches that we add into our spaces will help us forget about the distance between the now and our "dream" :) Love the handmade goodness Tracy! Your pictures of the weekend getaway are terrific. Have a great weekend!

Anne Donald

Your kitchen looks lovely - your fabric accents add charm. Have a wonderful weekend Tracy - we hope to have a long walk on Sunday - it is several weeks since we had one. Love Anne x


Tracy I love all the new touches you've added to your kitchen! I love red, so I really love the curtains.

My kitchen is not that much bigger than yours, the only difference is that I have a little more rectangular space so I can fit a small table at the other end, where my husband and I eat most of our meals and where I blog from on my lap top most days. :)
We've been living in our home over 30 years and we re-did the kitchen in the late 80's, so it looks dated now, but I am still happy with it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs, Pat


Dearest sweet tracy, your kitchen is beautiful and i love all the little details in it!! I wish i stay close to visit you and have some tea with you in your beautiful home. Sounds like your gonna have such a wonderful weekend! Wishing you a lovely meryr happy one and love to you!


Tracy, it's so cozy and I love the colour palette you went with and the airy feel. I can just imagine cooking a sweet meal on a breezy afternoon. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


I love how you introduced that red in the kitchen. Really brightens it up. Though I like the warmth of wood, I can sympathize with your itch to wash it in white.

Speaking of linoleum that hurts your eyes, I used to live in a wonderfully designed compact duplex with an incredibly busy red/orange/brown patterned kitchen floor. My roomies and I used to joke that we could drop a pot of spaghetti sauce on it and never notice.

As for your questions on the painted patio, I posted more photos and details a couple of days ago. Check on the post "starting small." Now I'm eyeing the main patio and thinking of herringbone patterns....


Thanks for sharing your kitchen, Tracy. I love white too, but I'm the one who hasn't mustered the nerve to paint out cupboards.

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

You are so productive, Tracy! I'm in awe! I'm full of good intentions when it comes to making accessories for the home...but they rarely translate into the actual objects. Congratulations on your makeover!


Hi there Tracy! Wow! The kitchen looks great. Worth all your hard work. Have a lovely week. Ros


Your kitchen looks so bright and cozy. Even if it is on the small side, it looks to me like a place that I wouldn't mind spending time cooking and baking...and I think that's the most important part of any kitchen. I hope you are having a great weekend, Tracy!


Beautiful kitchen! Sorry about the pc breakdown.


Great job, Tracy!
I'm jealous and especially impressed with the lovely floor tiles -such a warm color.
Liked seeing the view to the dining room.
I'm sure you will have much joy cooking there.
Happy 4th of July.


I do remember you talking about remodeling your kitchen. How fun! I can only imagine you are really enjoying it.


It looks so bright and cheerful. And I am in awe of how you paid attention to even the smallest details when remodeling!


it was a treasure to see all the ways you changed your kitchen ..isnt it a good feeling!? You should feel so happy ..it is lovely !


Your kitchen is wonderful! You must be so pleased with how it came out. Your little handmade touches make it very personal, very Tracy! Thanks for sharing your photos. I'm always apprehensive of showing the "whole" scene around here -- too much clutter :)....Yours looks so neat and nice.

Gallery Juana

How rewarding to see your sewing and remodeling successes every time you enter the kitchen. The curtains look fetching, and I love how you got so many additions like the potholders and apron out of leftover fabrics.

I need to get moving on my dress projects. Summer is already here and I haven't gotten around to working on them again. You've given me inspiration.

The kitchen came out great ... bright and cheerful. I'm looking up that flooring you mentioned to see if we can do the same for my Mother's kitchen.

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