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July 04, 2011


Lisa Q

what a beautiful walk....gorgeous photos. thank you for sharing. I love all the lush blooms....I'm sure it was a fragrant walk too. Happy 4th to you too! Enjoy the new week.

Becky K.

Oh that last photo....sigh. Gorgeous. They all are, really, but this one just grabs you.

Sherry Smyth

I love looking at floral photos and these are "right up my alley" Tracy! I can almost smell them through the screen!!


I so love the second photo. Happy July the 4th to you! Isn't July just a perfect month?


oh i will...so relaxing here.

loving the petals all over the stairs. thinking of you my dear.


no "indulgence" necessary... i know you said you felt homesick on this day, but your post makes me wish i was in norway!

ellen b

Gorgeous shots Tracy!
I can almost smell those roses....


The pink roses are beautiful! I love taking walks and noticing all the flowers this time of year. I think pink roses are my favorite too.


Can you imagine having all those flowers on either side of your door?! The smell!


i say you have found some beauties on your walk ..I like how they are each a bit different than the others ..

happy red white and blue to you!!


look at all that beautiful flowers. Wow. I can almost smell them from the pictures. Have a lovely July 4th.


Well, you know me... you can never have too many rose photos! These are so delicate in color and what a delight for the eyes.


Lovely roses Tacy.
Happy 4th of July (a little late)


Those climbing roses in front of that red house are gorgeous! I want to try that someday -- just beautiful. I have two rose bushes, one so tiny and one that actually changes colors....It started out light pink and is now producing hot pink blossoms. I'm thinking it's the soil and/or mulch that is causing this change.

Anne Donald

You can never have too many photos of roses - if only we could blog the scents as well!! Love Anne x


Beautiful! Someday I want to try growing roses.


Roses, jasmine and hydrangeas! Three of my favorite flowers, all of which I have growing and blooming in my garden right now. Isn't it amazing that the same plants flourish in Norway and SoCal?


Wow, wow, wow!!!


Gorgeous photos. Don't you just wish for smell-avision? Jasmine smells on warm night air was something I missed this week. I am so enjoying Summer and the sunshine.


wow, gorgeous roses!

S. Etole

The roses seem especially abundant this year. Love the ones by the white picket fence!


Hi dear Tracy,
Wow, your photographs look amazing! I am dreaming over those roses. So pretty!!
Hope you are having a great week.
Lots of love and hugs,

suzie sews at Dotty Red

My what a beautiful walk, how could you resist smelling the roses. beautiful...

Gallery Juana

Such a beautiful season to take a weekend walk! Gorgeous town to live in.


It is fun to walk around and look at people's gardens. Thanks for letting me walk with you Tracy.

Hugs from Holland ~

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