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Oooh, neat restaurant and gorgeous looking carrot cake. YUM!

I think I like the close up photo of the cake best! MMmmmm! I heart carrot cake!

Hello carrot cake!

We have these restaurant too..but serve really lousy food, so great to know there's a wonderful slice of cake waiting for me when I do visit. Happy weekend.love/M

I love carrot cake but it might be a bit scary to be eating over a road...Cool pic.

Wonderful idea, to have the restaurant span the road!! Unfortunately, all the roadside restaurants on the big highways here have gone to the fast food chains. They keep body and soul together, but that is the best you can say for the food. That carrot cake looks scrumptious!!!

Yum Yum! I love carrot cake! Fun restaurant and great photo!

Wow, that is a wild picture! I had to re-orient myself for a second. I love carrot cake and would gladly eat it sitting over a road. Just not ON the road. ; )

I would have thought you were in a train car crossing over a bridge, especially with the tunnels in the background!

that is cool! and that carrot cake looks delicious!

This looks like so much fun, Tracy! It makes sense to have a restaurant straddle the road like that. Here we often have one on each side of the highway--and both will be have bad food, incidentally. That carrot cake looks yummy.

Tracy, what an interesting perspective you have here. I love it, oh and I LOVE the cake as well. Looks delicious!!! xxoo

this is such fun and such food!!

That looks sooo good!

I'm coming.

I know, I keep threatening it. But, one of these days - it's going to be true.

So funny...I had our wedding reception at a Marche Restaurant. They've since closed here in Boston.

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