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Tracy, when I go to flea markets, I am alwasy drawn to the cream pitchers, which I use as small vases! I love this sugar bowl, all ornate and gilded, with the simplicity of the roses, queen of flowers!!


great picture Tracy, I feel like I could just reach out and touch the grapes. So refreshing looking! Just perfect!

The grapes look three dimensional! I can almost taste the sweetness (mouth watering).

delicious. the grapes and roses together!

excellent photo -- lovely job!

You have a gift for capturing the tiny details that enrich us.Hugs

grapes are so yummy this time of year. and cheap!!!

i'd love to pop some of these in my mouth right now!


Fresh and right there..almost..for the eating! :)

Beautiful picture, Tracy - the concentric glass circles and curve of the grapes made a pleasing composition!

Those do look so good!


I love grapes! Excellent photo! Hope you had a nice weekend Tracy...have a good week ahead!

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