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Hi Tracy,

I've just finished a cup, but I wouldn't say no to another after a day of teaching!

Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

Marie x

A perfect cup of tea, truly comfort and joy. So simply said, but so complex. I am amazed that a simple yet perfect cup of tea it is so intimate and a cure for all ills and to think that the tea leaves have travelled a great distance. I am going to make a perfect pot of tea as soon as I finish this comment. Cheers P.K.

Truly one of life's simple pleasures!

Oh yes! A cup of tea in the afternoon, well brewed, is a true delight. When it is served in a special cup or mug, the tea becomes a precious memory!

Love this diptych - gorgeous!

What beautiful photos . . . a perfect view through another's lens. Blessings!

Ah. I so enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea...usually prepared and served by my husband. Isn't that sweet!

And, I love the simplicity of your images on this site and your other.

WOW...gorgeous photo blog!

All I can do is stare at the beauty of your photos, Tracy! I notice the photos side by side, possibly taken in the same exact spot, yet they are different shades of white/grey! Is it done by playing with the shadows? How do you get that effect? I like it!

P.S. I also really like the clean smooth lines of your china. So pretty!

I love dips!!! This one is particularly lovely, showcasing the cup and spoon...perfecto.
That is some great light...xoxo

Oh how I wish I could sit down and have a cup of tea with you dear friend. One can but hope . . . they do say that hope springs eternal! xxoo

the spoon...such a special duet

The perfect cup of green tea is made by pouring hot water just before it boils. This way you would have the highest temperature and oxygen level in water (O2 level decreases as the temperature increases).
The first sip of a nice cup of tea is the best! ;D

Love the simplicity of this Tracy! I wish I could sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with you. xo

great photos. perfect diptych.

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