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very recently, I wondered about the same thing - how lack of light especially in your parts can affect one's inner core. I struggle as it is further south, but am certainly making an effort to look on the brighter side(or do brighter things) even when there not enough light. This corner of your home is lovely and bright, worth remembering Tracy.

How very inviting....

I love gray and misty days. Three weeks of it can be too much.
Candles do help. I like to decorate my house in bright colors so it always feel sunny and bright in my home.
I'm glad your finding ways to keep the light within your home and yourself.

I too feel the darkness & it seems to be coming in quite dark at just after 3pm here these days.
I do love snow & I know you get a lot of that in the winter but I certainly don't envy your long winters as I think we get off a lot lighter here in the UK than you do.

Glad you have some warm sunny memories to dwell on during these darker months.

Hi Tracy, this certainly looks like a super fab place to relax and hang out. We are having rain daily...lots of sun in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon. So now I cant complain much about the rain...as we have half day sunlight. I used to be amazed by foreigner who suntan under our hot sun, while we are always shying away from it but I guess when one is sun-deprived for long period, it is so welcoming to have it streaming on one's face. Happy weekend and big hugs/M

I remember your visit to this place and being so touched by the clear light that flooded the rooms, sending you many sunny days :) Hugs, Catherine xx

we wake up in the dark and drive home from work in the dark these days. it has been sunny but i do know what you mean. it is a long grey winter here, and you are even farther north than we are!!

Lovely photos on here Tracy. I haven't been over here for a little while and have been missing out on this loveliness! Candles are good in bringing that warm light to glow and I love it all the more if they are scented as I find that can evoke happy thoughts and memories. Have a lovely weekend.

What a friendly image, it smiles. Winter darkness is challenging, so images of summer and inviting places help.

Winter is hard--the way it stays dark late and gets dark again early. You're lovely pictures are cheering, your blogs always a delight.

Looks very inviting & cozy :)

I'm glad the memories of that place cheered you up. Funny, but there you are affected by the lack of sunshine, and here, Summers are horrid from TOO much sun! I imagine there is beauty to be seen in ALL things. There, the ease with which mosses and ferns grow, lush beautiful plants, pristine lakes, cool interiors.....here the ability to grow tropical plants and fruits, extended swimming season....it's all relative. :)

Spot on Tracy, thankyou for this gentle,restful post of words and your image which is so very lovely, kat x

Beautiful photo of a lovely room Tracy. We've had horrible weather this past week as well. I'll be glad to see it end, although looking at the next week's forecast, there is no end in sight!!!

That does look a calm place to relax! Having just come home from work, calm and relax are the important words.
Have you tried the special lights that mimic the effects of sunlight? I don't find it makes a huge difference, but my sister, cousin and nephew all swear by it. The one I have, has the website www.litebook.com on it.

I remember when you visited here!

How I can relate... the Northeast is so dark and dreary in the fall and winter, too. Though the autumn is gorgeous, the sun just sets too early. It gets a bit sad feeling locked up, especially when the cold rolls in. You do such a nice job of making your home light and airy, I'd never guess there were gray skies outside that window :).

Hello Tracey

This is the first time I have come across your blog. What stunning images. Each morning I wake up to what seem to be midnight skies and travel home from work in darkness. Returning home, I light candles, switch on decorative lights and the flames from the fire brighten up these winter evenings. I love the idea of seeking light from within: tonight I will visualise light flowing through me... energising my spirit. Thank you for the inspiration.

Nice stories.I love gray and misty days.

Nice blog.That does look a calm place to relax! Having just come home from work, calm and relax are the important words.

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