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Woa! That looks seriously cold but beautiful!

This is magical, Tracy. All those fuzzy ice crystals tantalize the senses -- is it crunchy? Is it soft? The eye is fooled for just a moment.

Wow. That's lovely.

Brilliant capture Tracy, just brilliant! Well done you!!

The frost on the apple among the leaves gave me a chill. Beautiful photo.

Such a luscious burst of color!

we haven't gotten any crisp ice as that yet!

My goodness. This is pure eye candy. And it really does look like candy :). That apple looks so yummy. The colors are so vibrant... look at the texture!

wonderful . we are all frosty here too x
wishing you a wonderful day

lovely and mesmerizing...

Oh I love the shots. It looks so magical! It's not that cold here in London. So it's snowing there already?
Have a lovely weekend!

So pretty! Cold yes, but really,really pretty.

***sigh*** simply gorgeous!

Tracy this is a magical part of winter for me...frost is so delicate and light...thank you for sharing your special photography gifts my friend!!

Magical pictures! You can feel the cold!

Glorious ~ hope you are managing to keep warm Tracy ~ we are expecting snow by the middle of the week...

Marie x

So delicate and fine, Tracy, really beautiful!

Tracy, the apple is my favourite of your frost photos! The brightness of the apple contrasts so well with the brown of the leaves, and is so unexpected, at the same time!!

Stunning! Sooooooo beautiful!

These are so magical.

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