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Lots of good nutrients in those cherries -- eat them up, Tracy :-D

Cherries are my FAVOURITES!

My school names its classes after trees, and mine is Cherry class. I noticed a really big cherry tree next to our car park the other day, so I took my class up there, picked some cherries, then we went back to try them! They were very small, but tasted good!

Cherries are in season here too...and it is the only time of year when they are really delicious and affordable...so I eat as many as I can:) Great photos!

Love cherries. I have a bowl of them here with me today too. I have a very large cherry tree in my yard, but it only produces every other year. So this year I had only one cherry from my tree.

yum! they look sweet and juicy!

Aren't these cherries just the best ones ever? What a talented photographer you are Tracy! I love this picture :-)

These photos really make the cherries look mouthwatering!

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