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Hmmmm, I do miss those small sparkling lights. Maybe that's why I have been lighting candles in the evening.

I too am missing the sparkles, I gave in yesterday to pack away all our christmas things.., been so busy it's the first chance I had. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, sending healing hugs, Catherine xx

Yes! I think that is one of my very favorite parts of the holidays. I always procrastinate when it comes to dismantling the tree because I love the lights so. I love sitting in a completely dark room with just the tree lights on as I gaze and get lost in them and my thoughts meander.

I love this quote, especially the part apart about being the mirror that reflects the light. Guess what? My Christmas tree is still up. So the glow of the twinkle of lights are still there. ;-) Beautiful photo. I love the angel.

What a delightful little angel ... and yes, I do miss the lights of Christmas.

The glow from the Christmas tree lights is something special, isn't it.. Your candle picture is so pretty. It captures a little of that warm glow feeling. <3

I do love the glow of Christmas lights. That's why I have them all over my apartment all year round. It's a nice treat with candles too. Have a great weekend Tracy! ; )

Definitely. I hate putting the lights away in the depths of winter. I think that I should light some candles today to recapture that glow.

Marie x

oh yes, me too!

i've been away from the computer for most of the week, helping my mom. she is slowly gaining strength, for which we are all grateful. I am trying to balance time helping her with time to rest, so i don't get too sick to continue helping! so blogging suffers... i know you understand this as you've recently had a worrisome time with your own father's illness, and your own. thank you for stopping in to leave your words of encouragement!

Light is so very much appreciated at this time of year.

Love this quotation. Thanks, Tracy. :)

Lovely little lights Tracy, and I recognize that angel! She looks perfectly at home! xxoo

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