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It was always a delight to visit here. Your photos are beautiful and I am happy to hear that you will be on flickr. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. Cheers.

i have been off line for weeks and here i am today, on your last day. glad i squeaked in before the door shut. two is too many. xoxo

I've been considering stopping blogging entirely... Since I make my living selling online, time away from the computer and outside in the fresh air is calling me! There aren't enough hours in the day already. I've been blogging steadily for almost 3 years and haven't missed a day yet... Time will tell!

I always had fun visiting you here as well, but it will be easier for you to put all your energy into one blog and flickr. Thank you :-)

I have enjoyed the light your photography has brought to my days.

Of course you'll still be wielding your camera! See you "over there" at PinkPurl :-)

It has been a joy to view your photos here Tracey but I will enjoy them just as much over at Pink Purl:) Have a wonderful, fun filled weekend!

Your special light will be missed here ...

Thank you for sharing the light with all of us. Will be seeing you on Pink Purl. Thanks for the love for my new avatar picture. I do hope you connect to the Unicorn girl inside of you.

I have enjoyed coming here and sharing in your photos, Tracey. I'm having very similar thoughts about my own blog. This last light is lovely. <3

It's been wonderful to come here, Tracy! I've always enjoyed your quotes and photographs!
♥ Pat

Poof...but you're not gone! :) Your photos are wonderful and will be miseed!

a simple light ..I will miss my visits here ...

So sad to hear you are closing this blog, but I understand completely! I love you my dear friend. I have enjoyed your photos so very much. You are a true talent. xxoo

I've always enjoyed my visits Tracy and I'm glad that you will still share your photos through Pink Purl. Good luck with your new ventures.

Marie x

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